Educational Opportunites

Foundations of Coaching (FCC)

This one-day course is an introduction to coaching at the entry level. It is a recommended learning resource for new or beginning coaches of ice skating. The purpose is to build a foundation of resources and tools for the new coach to start his/her business of professional coaching. It involves both on-ice and off-ice classes.

Apprentice Program

Apprenticing offers an opportunity to work under a Master rated coach to learn new skills and update current ones. Apprenticeship involves: on-ice observation of private or group lessons, on-ice lessons to improve teaching techniques and off-ice discussions of teaching techniques, music editing, training schedules, tests and competitions, parental interaction, etc.

Ratings Prep Training

"Ratings Prep Training" prepares coaches for Oral Ratings Exams. This 3 day program features a Master Rated coaching faculty presenting on and off-ice topics. Each discipline and level are offered based on interest and registration.

Continuing Education Requirements

U.S. Figure Skating/PSA Continuing Education Requirement In cooperation with the Professional Skaters Association, U.S. Figure Skating requires the mandatory continuing education requirement (CER) for all coaches at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events.

State Workshop

Half-day workshops are held in every state at various times of the year. Many are held off ice and include topics relevant to that specific state. Topics that may be covered would include Group, Free Skate, Moves, Equipment, Ethics, Ratings, Synchro, Technical Specialist, Nutrition, etc.

Nationwide Seminar

Full Day Seminars Multi-topics on and off ice ranging from IJS, theory and technique. Each year a sport science focus highlight Valuable information for all levels of coaches presented by PSA Master Rated Coaches Dates range from June – October at sites across the country

Rating Site

The PSA Official Rating System is for coaches who want to validate their skating skill and teaching experience. Ratings are an assurance to clubs, rinks, skaters, parents, and the general public that the coach they hire is technically qualified to instruct at the level in which they are rated regardless of background and skating achievement.

Hockey Skating

Course is designed to assist professional figure skating coach's transition into coaching hockey players. The course consists of three parts: the Hockey Skating I manual, classroom notes, and a 50 question exam. This course was originally taught at the annual PSA conference and included two 45-minute classroom lectures.