What Would Brian Boitano Make?: Fresh and Fun Recipes to Share with Family and Friends

By Terri Milner Tarquini

Olympic gold medalist. World and U.S. champion. Inductee into the World and U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fames. Emmy winner. And … conqueror of the culinary arts?

“I was the first of my friends to own a house,” Brian Boitano said. “So when I was home – which back then wasn’t very often – but when I was home, it was a ritual that everyone would come over and gather in my kitchen and each person handled something – an appetizer, the entrée, the dessert. And that’s how I started creating recipes and I kept notes of my favorite ones.”


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Why is it that at times we easily resonate with certain individuals while at other times we find ourselves frustrated with others?


Episode #63:
Audrey Weisiger, Part 1

MARCH 2013
Part One of an interview with Audrey Weisiger, Olympic-level coach (most notably of Michael Weiss and Tim Goebel), and creator of both Grassroots to Champions and the Young Artists Showcase. In Part One we discuss her background in skating, how she became a top level coach, what it was like working with Michael Weiss through his entire career, and Timothy Goebel at the end of his career. She also talks about her philosophy of coaching. 

57 minutes, 33 seconds.


by Jimmie Santee

In an article published on the website “thestar.com,” Rosie DiManno quoted Patrick Chan as saying its time figure skaters got unionized, “I would be at the forefront of supporting a union for skaters. This is ridiculous. I just think we are being manipulated for the benefit of the ISU because they are making all the money.” The conflict it appears is from the ISU team competition that took place in Japan. Patrick was required to compete while several other athletes were allowed to decline.

Currently, the ISU requires skaters to choose ISU events over more lucrative opportunities like the Canadian Stars on Ice Tour. If Patrick wanted to skate on the Stars tour, he had to participate.

Rewind to 1990, the eligibility rules were rewritten by the ISU, allowing skaters to earn considerable amounts of income from appearance fee’s in shows like Tom Collins Champions on Ice, IMG’s Stars on Ice, Witt and Boitano’s “Skating”.


Nancy Blackwell-Grieder, Erie, Colorado -

I was teaching a 6 year old student today and she brought a big "Perry Platypus" stuffed animal out to sit in the hockey box during her lesson. I thought it looked like a "Ren and Stimpy" cartoon character. I asked her "Is that from Ren and Stimpy?" and she replied "No, it is from my Grandma!" I almost fell over laughing!

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Lisa Mizonick

Amy Hanson-Kuleszka

Representing Area 14 Coaching in Vancouver, Wash. Ratings/Rankings: MM, MFS, MG, MPD; Ranked

Lisa Mizonick
“My students are the best part of my day,” said Lisa Mizonick, Area 14 Representative and skating director/coach at Mountain View Ice Arena in Vancouver, Wash. “I love getting to know each one of them.” Mizonick began teaching 22 years ago in Los Angeles, where she grew up. She said she continues to grow as a coach with every student she teaches. “They’re all unique and have to be taught differently, even though you’re trying to achieve similar skills,” Mizonick said. “Their individual uniqueness, in combination with the constant evolution of the sport, requires me as a coach to evolve, too.”


Representing Area 1 Coaching in the metropolitan Boston area Ratings/Rankings: MM, SFS, Level III

Amy Hanson-Kuleszka
If life is a journey, sometimes it’s the detours along the way that define a person. Amy Hanson-Kuleszka says the company you keep can help you find your way when those detours set your feet on an unexpected path.

“I never aspired to be a skating coach,” Hanson-Kuleszka said, “but this journey has been incredibly rewarding.

” Hanson-Kuleszka began teaching as a senior in high school to help a coaching friend who didn’t have time to cover all her private lesson requests. What started as simple skating skills lessons on public session turned into a career. She currently coaches at the Colonial Figure Skating Club and North Shore Skating Club, and said she is fortunate to work alongside several coaches who worked with her as a young skater.


From CBC Sports Figure Skating page:  

“At the 2004 worlds in Dortmund, Germany a spectator identified as Ron Bensimhon of Montreal, hopped the boards during the Ladies free program and started skating around. (Watch the video)This was just before American Michelle Kwan was about to start. He ripped off his shirt to reveal a casino website printed on his chest. A gold tutu appeared from underneath his tear away sport pants.

Fortunately, this was a harmless prank which is why we can chuckle about this now. The image of the security people trying to catch this guy on foot on the ice while he easily slipped away does make me smile.

The fact that five-time world champion Kwan was able to move from fourth to take the bronze once she skated makes me smile even more.

The result: Tightened security and possibly cleats for streaker chasers.”

Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012


1981 US Nationals - Robert Wagenhoffer LP,

 The final group of championship men long programs at the 1981 US Championships in San Diego, California is considered by many, the greatest finish of all time. Robert, a brilliant jumper, finished 3rd behind Scott Hamilton and David Santee, and finishing just ahead of Brian Boitano. Robert was one of the most talented jumpers in the history of the sport. At the US Figure Skating team camp in Squaw Valley in the late 1970s, he landed three different quads in a practice; Salchow, toe walley, and loop.

1981 US Nationals - Robert Wagenhoffer LP,



Heidi DeLio Thibert

Elizabeth Peschges

Heidi DeLio Thibert

What do you do at PSA?
I work part-time for PSA as the E-Curriculum Coordinator and liaison to U.S. Figure Skating.


Elizabeth Peschges

What do you do at PSA?
I am the Membership Services Coordinator. All renewals, new memberships, insurance enrollments, rankings, and Excellence on Ice applications come to me.


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Congratulations to Ashleigh Renard and her husband, Manny Stoupakis on the birth of their third son,Niko Brooks Stoupakis, born Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 4:55 am. He weighed in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 inches long, a brother to Jack and Luke. Ashleigh is a synchronized skating coach in the Philadelphia area.







































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