The Demon Eight

By: Jimmie Santee


April 1, 2013

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For those of us who spent the thousands of hours it took to accomplish the eighth test, we can appreciate this recollection I found on the internet. I have tried to imagine what the Demon Eight would look like… to see myself skating this figure. For those of us who reveled in the challenge of a back paragraph loop on the weak side or laying out a forward serpentine bracket on clean ice and no hockey lines, it really gets the competitive juices flowing. I challenge you to figure out this figure by the description below and to document your effort on YouTube.

'I will finish this section by mentioning a particularly ferocious figure known as the Demon Eight. It is so called because of its having been invented by the Devil, a fact which will be obvious to you as soon as you try it. …Carry out a full circle on an ordinary No.1- No. 2 Backward Outside, but before finishing the circle draw the free foot again forward, slip it across the skating foot and in front of it, i.e. inside the circle, and on reaching your centre strike off on a Backward Outside edge on this second foot. What has been the skating leg remains somehow attached to your person and gradually finds its way to the front. The shoulders have to be strongly reversed in preparation for the change. With luck- and skill- you are now again in a No. 1 Position and you have to hold it until you change to a No. 2 and complete the circle. The change was an inter-circular one for there are two circles; so it cannot be a Mohawk. But both circles are skated on the same edge; so it cannot be a Choctaw. In fact it is pure wickedness, not to say devilry. – 'The Elements of Figure Skating'. Dr. Ernest Jones. George Allen and Unwin Ltd. 1931 Here are four more historic figures from days gone by although many skaters are familiar with the grapevine.

Figure-1 The-Single-Grapevine




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