All the World’s a Stage: Coaching as Performance

By Claudia Brown

Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned professional, approaching your teaching as a performance can improve your success rate and increase enjoyment for you and your students. Use any or all of the performance techniques below to enhance your coaching experience.

#33 Death of Executive Secretary Agnes Hutchinson

Agnes Hutchinson, the Guild’s Executive Secretary since its re-organization in 1949, had fallen in her hotel room at Nationals in Cleveland on January 10, 1964, while preparing material for the Guild meeting the following day. The fall resulted in a fractured hip.

She was taken to St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital for surgery. Before coming out of the anesthetic, she lapsed into a coma which lasted for several days. She then gained consciousness and improved to fair condition. On February 24, she took a turn for the worst. The Guild voted to pay Agnes’ hospital expenses as well as her husband’s travel expenses to join her in Cleveland. On March 21, “Hutch” brought Agnes back to Colorado Springs via private plane donated by a friend. She continued to drift in and out of consciousness. Although she could open her eyes, turn her head, and move her arms, she could not communicate.

Agnes passed away on August 21, nearly 8 months after the fall. She had spent many years working for the Guild, had been involved in many civic and political organizations, and had been the convention secretary at the Broadmoor. Her main concern however, was the PSGA. Agnes was honored by the Board of Directors as an honorary member in 1973.

#31 Amateur Sports Act of 1978

By Kent McDill

There was a time, almost half a century ago now, that U.S. Olympic teams were selected in a myriad of manners.

One year, there were two U.S. Olympic hockey teams selected. Some sports didn’t have Olympic trials; teams were selected by unwritten agreements. A constant state of disagreement between the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) put club athletes and school athletes at odds.

The disparity in preparation for the Olympics from sport to sport began to have an effect on the U.S. performance in the games themselves. In short, we were being beaten regularly in some sports by teams from Eastern Europe. The cold war was on, and battles were being fought on playing fields rather than fields of grain.


Episode #62:
Carol Heiss Jenkins, Part 1

An interview with Carol Heiss Jenkins, the 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist for ladies figure skating, as well as the Silver medalist in the 1956 Olympics, a 5 time World Champion, and of course US National Champion. In Part 1, she takes us through her early days of skating all the way through the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, with details about what it was like studying with famous ice skating Coach Pierre Brunet, and how she developed those axels going in both directions.

1 hour, 14 minutes, 58 seconds


Time in the Garden - A Season to Dream!

By Don Corbiell, MM, MFS and PSA Area 15 Rep

I arrived home from Sectionals and wanted to share with you some amazing moments that happened at this year’s Pacific Coast Sectional competition. I think the future of our sport is in good shape and we have many great ‘ambassadors’ in our sport right now! I had a hard time deciding how to approach this article, but, ultimately I thought that the best way was just to relate to you my journey to Provo, Utah with my Juvenile skater, Dinh Tran.

Our journey began with our flight to Salt Lake City. Delayed….yes, of course, we’re flying from San Francisco! We did, however, arrive in time to get our rental car and begin our trek to Provo. With the snow falling softly down as we drove down the highway, Dinh exclaimed….”Wow, it’s a blizzard!” Having grown up in Canada myself, I know blizzards…this was no blizzard, but I thought, “Hey, if this seems like a blizzard to you, then…it’s a blizzard!” Who am I to squash that idea!!! I realized that I was becoming thrilled at how thrilled he was with the whole experience!


From Amanda Palmer - Aurora, Colorado

“Last week my girls skated in their annual winter ice show. I was humbled when they asked if I would skate with them to do a military tribute as my husband is currently deployed. However, on opening night right before we stepped on the ice they ask, ‘Miss Amanda, if you fall, should we stop to make sure you're ok, or should we keep going?’ Gee girls, thanks for the confidence booster!”

Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The –Day” ”


Josselyn Baumgartner

Anne Marie Filosa

Area 16 Representative and ARC Chair Coaching at Culver Ice Arena, Culver City, CA Coaching since January 2000 Ratings/Rankings: BA, CM, RFS; Level II Ranking

Josselyn Baumgartner
As a competitor, Josselyn Baumgartner’s skating was nurtured by two coaches whose influences are still evident in her coaching today. When she started skating at age 5, it took her several years to find just the right coach to help her rise as far as she wanted to go. When she was 9, she found that coach in Derek James.


Representing Area 2 Coaching since 1973 Currently coaching in Massachusetts Ratings/Rankings: MM, SFS, MG, RSS; Level II, Hockey Level II

Anne Marie Filosa  
As a triple gold medalist, Anne Marie Filosa was privileged to experience the best of both worlds from mentors with distinct coaching styles. One demanded the same technical accuracy from all his skaters, while others tailored technique based on each skater’s individuality.

On February 21, 1994, Christine Brenner, who was covering figure skating for the Washington Post during the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, wrote:

“The popular impression here is that neither Kerrigan nor Harding is paying any attention to the other. But Scotvold said that's not entirely true. Kerrigan's choice of attire for their first shared practice session last Thursday — the white lace dress she was wearing when she was attacked in Detroit — was not coincidental.

"She wanted to make a statement: 'I'm here, I'm in the same outfit,’” Scotvold said with a smile. "Nancy likes to tease a little. She wants to have fun."


Robin Cousins, 1990 NutraSweet World Professional Figure Skating Championships, Artistic program – Music of the Night from the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland. Although Robin received five perfect scores of 10 for this program, he could not overtake Brian Boitano for the gold medal. Returning to competition after 11 years, Robin is awe inspiring. You may also notice that the final camel spin performed in this routine is executed in the opposite direction from the rest of the spins in the program.


Robin Cousins "Music of the Night" 1990

Tim Wood 1968 World Championship Free Program from Geneva, Switzerland. Shown on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, this is a great example of skating at the end of the sixties. As you watch, notice the size of the ice surface is decreased by the placement of flower planters. You will also see the judges sitting on the ice behind desks. While Tim won the compulsories, he finished 2nd overall.


Tim Wood 1968 Worlds

Alexei Yagudin’s exhibition from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The gold medalist skating to Ronan Hardiman’s “Ancient Lands”, shows off his proficient jumping and crowd pleasing footwork.


Alexei Yagudin - the best ice skater ever



Ann Miksch

Lee Green

Ann Miksch

What do you do at PSA?
I log affidavits and handle CERs in office, and do projects for Jimmie.

How long have you worked at PSA?
5 years


Lee Green

What do you do at PSA?
I am the Graphic Designer/Web Developer, and I help members trouble shot web related issues to name a few.

How long have you worked at PSA?Nearly 10 years.



by Garrett Kling

Audrey Weisiger's resume is filled with an impressive list of accomplishments. As an Olympic coach, PSA Coach of the Year, and President of the award-winning seminar company Grassroots to Champions, she can now add one more title to her list of credentials: radio talk show host. The talk show entitled “SPARQ1” (standing for Successful Professionals Answer Real Questions) entered the airwaves on Nov. 7 with a mission to connect people with successful professionals who are willing to offer tips to listeners on how to develop their own careers and self-actualize as global citizens.

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