Kulik Gordeeva Skating Rink

Ilia and Katerina Kulik are living a dream in Orange County, California. Now they are looking for people to join them in living that dream. Ilia Kulik, the former Olympic gold medalist, and his wife, Katerina (formerly Ekaterina Gordeeva, also an Olympic gold medal winner) are owners of Kulik’s Skating of Lake Forest, Calif.,( www.kuliksskating.com) an ice rink solely dedicated to figure skating.

#45 Artist Gerrit Greve

In 1984, Artist Gerrit Greve was commissioned by then board member Janet Champion and her husband Dr. Lou Schlom to do four posters for the PSGA – one each for Ladies, Mens, Pairs and Dance. The first poster, the Mens, was of John Curry doing a falling leaf jump and was unveiled at the conference in 1985. According to Carole Shulman who was the Executive Director at the time, the unique feature of each poster was that no two were alike. Each dripline drawing was individually printed on a one of a kind “colorfield” canvas background giving each finished product an original look. Gerrit Greve is an internationally acclaimed fine artist Gerrit is now painting and living in southern California. Since 1972 he has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including a number of solo museum shows. His paintings have been featured in many publications, including TIME Magazine.

#44 The 1996 World Conference in Chicago

The 1996 World Conference in Chicago. Over 1000 coaches were in attendance making it the largest assembly of figure skating coaches in history. Special guest speakers represented every aspect of the skating industry as well as the presidents of the ISU, ISI, USFSA, IPSU, and PSA. The list of 103 speakers included: Richard Callaghan, Rick Gentile, Tamara Moskvina, Ottavio Cinquanta, Scott Hamilton, Sally Stapleford, Bernie Ford, Lynn Benson, Kathy Casey, Frank Carroll, Audrey Weisiger, and Michael Rosenburg among others.


Episode #60 Pro Skating

The Pro Skating Historical Foundation is an organization that is working hard to preserve the history of professional figure skating by archiving historical artifacts and working with the skating community to contribute to the pro skating world. In this episode I interview four members of the Foundation: Jaya Kanal, Tony Kudrna, Dorian Valles and Susan Austin. We talk about their experiences in pro skating and what they wish for pro skating as it evolves.

1 hour, 11 minutes, 42 seconds


Cheaters Never Prosper?
by: Jimmie Santee

On October 15, Austrian Daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke the record for the highest skydive ever, at the same time becoming the first person to break the sound barrier, reaching a speed of 834.4 MPH or 1.24 Mach. An incredible feat that I thought would never be duplicated, that is until USADA released their report on Lance Armstrong. Shortly after it’s publication in late August, Lance began his free fall, eventually losing all his endorsements, stepping down as chair of the Livestrong Foundation and culminating with the International Cycling Union (UCI) stripping Lance of his seven Tour de France wins.


From Cammi Bruns Acosta, Rockledge, Florida

“At the end of a lesson with an 8 year old today I started giving her ideas of what she could practice because she said she didn't know what to do. The last thing I suggested was that she work and try to figure out how to do a back camel and that I wanted her to get really good at it so I could teach her how to do a flying camel.

At that point she looked at me and said, ‘I'm starting to think you just make this stuff up as we go along!’”

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Don Corbiell

Thomas Amon

Don Corbiell
Area 15 Representative
Years coaching: 20
Current Location: San Francisco, CA Ratings: MFS, MM

Don Corbiell's students are fortunate to have found in their mentor a coach with their best interests at heart. He strives to raise his skating family to be successful and happy in every aspect of their lives. And, the responsibility of raising his skaters like a family has helped him to grow, as well.


Thomas M AMON Minneapolis, Minnesota Area 10 Representative
4th Term PSA Board of Governors-Seminars Coaching since 1998 Ratings/Rankings: MFS, MM; Level IV

Thomas Amon has just returned from a successful US Midwestern Sectional Figure Skating Championships. That’s not to say all of his skaters advanced to Nationals, because Amon doesn’t believe success lies strictly in wins and losses. There are important lessons he and his students learn from both experiences.

Shooting Professional

May 1940 Skating Magazine retraction

Shooting Professional AN AMUSING ERROR crept by the copyreader's blue pencil in the Sun Valley ad in our April Issue. Charles Brasher, mentioned as giving expert instruction at the Sun Valley rink, caused some comment as no one had heard of him. On post-mortem investigation it turned out that he is actually a skeet shooter, not an ice professional, and the advertising lines got mixed on skeeting and skating! Brasher has guaranteed not to shoot any skaters and expert instruction on the ice from more qualified professionals will be available at Sun Valley this summer.


Kurt Browning's finest moment and possibly the greatest performance ever! Singing in the Rain, choreographed by Sandra Bezic, was performed in his 1994 TV Special, “You Must Remember This.” His Singing in the Rain is often cited as one of the highlights of his career. The warm "rain" swiftly melted the ice; forcing the shoot to be stopped every 30 seconds to allow the ice to be maintained. This year, Kurt performed this program for the first time live at the Medal Winners Open competition in Japan, winning 2nd place and a standing ovation. Enjoy!


Kurt Browning – Singing in the Rain



Carla Sward

Barb Yackel

Carla Sward

What do you do at PSA?
I am the receptionist for PSA. The receptionist is most likely the first person that you will speak to when calling the PSA. Receptionist will:

• provide basic information to members calling with questions about CERs, membership, insurance, events, ratings, and rankings.

• assist members with membership renewals & insurance purchase & certificates.


Barb Yackel

What do you do at PSA?
Organize and plan all events so they run like a well oiled machine.

How long have you worked at PSA?
It will be 6 years this January.

How did you become involved with PSA?
After leaving my position with ISI to come back to Minnesota to be a Grandma – Jimmie asked if I would like to interview for the job.



by: Amy Elizabeth Alt

When I first talked to the staff at PSA about the conference I was unsure if it was an investment I should make. After all, my concentration has been in recreational coaching. I specialize in Learn to Skate and outdoor hockey skills clinics. Coaching skating is not my full time job, but it has always been one of my favorite jobs. I knew there were going to be so many accomplished coaches there that coach full time. Do I really have a place at the PSA conference? I am happy to report that the answer turned out to be a resounding YES!!!

December 1, 2012
Issue #6



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