The Fabulous Ice Age (Keri Pickett movie)
By: Kent McDill

Growing up, Keri Pickett hardly knew her mother’s brother. Uncle Roy traveled extensively through the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America during the middle part of the 20th century. She can remember seeing him only three times as a youth.

#55 North American Men’s Professional Competition

The North American Men’s Professional competition was held April 17, 1989 in Montreal, Canada. The Guild sanctioned the event, which was produced by IMG. Brian Orser captured the title, with Scott Hamilton placing second followed by Gary Beacom and Toller Cranston..The judges from the US were Peter Burrows and Ken Shelly, and Linda Brauckmann, Louise Segan, and Ghisland Briand from Canada.

#56 Professional Program Management

On January 19, 1979, the PSGA office moved to a new location at Professional Program Management. This organization specialized in managing professional associations and had a long history with the PSGA. In 1960, Professional Program Management was hired to print the PSGA Newsletter.

#57 PSA Most Memorable Moment

Produced by the PSA, this marketing film promotes the benefits of membership to coaches. The video stars Frank Carroll, Ryan Jahnke, and Scott Davis.


Episode #57 Roy Blakey

A prolific collector of skating memorabilia for over 70 years, Roy Blakey is the owner of one of the world’s largest collection of skating memorabilia. Highlights of his collection, and an overview of show skating, can be viewed at his website Ice Stage Archive. His collection is going to be featured in an upcoming documentary by Roy’s niece Keri Pickett called The Fabulous Ice Age. He talks about how a day at the movies started his love for skating, his happiness with being in skating shows himself, and how much fun he had showing a Sonia Henie costume on an episode of Antiques Roadshow (Roy is at the 28:55 mark in the video). 58 minutes, 02 seconds


Replacement Referee’s = Lottery Judges
by Jimmie Santee

Most that know me personally understand that I am a football fan. Not a casual fan, but a Bears fan…Da Bears! Anyway, if there is a game on TV, I am assuredly watching, and if you too are a fan of football, you are aware that the NFL has locked out their referees in a contract dispute. The NFL started the season with replacement officials, mostly from the college ranks. As the preseason was underway, I thought they were doing okay, and even as the lockout progressed into the season, I thought they would get better. That just didn’t happen and as the games got faster and more physical; the officials just could not adjust. More and more, the topics of the sports media focused on the poor officiating. "I believe the game's just moving real fast for a lot of these guys," said Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson of the replacements. "It's kind of like coming from college to the league; things are moving a lot faster.” Thinking about having watched the poorly officiated Falcon vs. Bronco Monday night game on September 17, and then seeing Johnson’s quote, I remembered something I wrote last October in my “Over the Edge” editorial.


From Doug Mattis,
Las Vegas, Nevada

I taught a very precocious 6 year old and at her first competition, we stood in the doorway about to go on for warm-up. She pointed at the officials and said, "Who is that, over there?" I told her, "Those are the judges." She said, "I'd rather have a jury of my peers, thank you." Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The –Day”

Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The –Day” ”


Tracey Seliga-O'Brien

Denver, Colorado
Area: 13, since 2009
Years Coaching: 21 years
Ratings: MFS, CM, Hockey Level I & II; Ranking: Level II

Tracey Seliga-O'Brien There are many challenges and rewards to raising a family – helping kids grow as they try, fail, learn, and succeed. Tracey Seliga-O’Brien says that applies to raising a skating family, too. Like parents, skating coaches often learn as much from their “kids” as they try to teach them. O’Brien admits to an almost-parental pride, reveling in her students’ successes both on and off the ice. “It’s so gratifying when they achieve their goals,” O’Brien said, “especially the ones who really love the sport because they’ll work the hardest to achieve those goals. It’s important for us, as coaches, to help them achieve their goals in skating and in life.” O’Brien is a big supporter of skaters in schools, and insists her students grow up and leave with a solid education. She has fostered this attitude among her students, who share a great camaraderie in their off-ice endeavors, as well. “A lot of them are taking AP classes or are nearing graduation, and they’re all super supportive of one another,” she said. “It’s nice to see them supporting each other, but it’s a very pleasant thing to be a part of, too. I have students who have gone on to college but they still keep in touch with me. They say the lessons they learned in skating were a great preparation for life beyond high school.”


This photo is of Willy Boeckl performing a Boeckl jump, which is nowadays more commonly called an inside Axel. Willy was the world champion from 1925 to 1928, and the first chairman (president) of the American Skaters Guild (PSA)


Carol Heiss Jenkins 1960 Olympic Freeskate

Carol Heiss
, 4-time U.S. Ladies Champions, 4-time World Champion, 2-time North American Champion, and 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist was the first female skater to land a double axel. Take a peak at her gold medal winning performance from Squaw Valley, California.

youtube Heiss


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