#69 First PSGA Movie

Wally Sahlin completed the first PSGA movie in 1965 to be used in assisting judges to recognize all the jumps done in competition. It was presented during the USFSA meeting in May. Shot in 8MM and in Black and white, music was added recently to enhance the movie.

#68 First PSGA U.S. Profesional Championship

U.S. Professional Championships sponsored by the PSGA. The event, chaired by David Lowery, was held in Philadelphia, PA, February 21-22, 1981 and featured some of the top skaters of the time, reigning World Professional Champion, Scott Cramer, Stacey Smith & John Summers, and Sheryl Franks & Michael Botticelli. The top three finishers represented the U.S. at the World Professional Championships in Jaca, Spain.

Watch the Technical Program’s of Grezgorz Filipowski and Doug Mattis at the 1994 U.S. Open Pro Figure Skating Championships


#67 PSA Hits 1000 Members

It took 46 years, but by October of 1984, the PSGA topped 1000 members. In 1981, Barry Kamber took over as the Chair of the Membership Committee. At that time his goal was to reach 1000.Through the hard work of his committee and the entire Board the dream became a reality. Among the active coaches who sponsored new members during the final push to 1000, Maria Breen headed the list with 13 new members, followed by Cindy Geltz, 12 members, and Carole Shulman, 10. The seminars that fall brought almost 200 new PSGA members, bringing the total membership to 1,078.


Episode #56 John Zimmerman

With his partner Kyoka Ina, John Zimmerman was a three-time U.S. Pairs Champion, 2002 World Bronze Medalist, and 5th place finisher at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He’s been a Stars on Ice performer, model, coach, and is also (with wife Sylvia Fontana) the founder of Karisma Sportswear. He talks about starting skating in an Alabama mall, his role models in Pair skating, and how much fun he had shooting Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. 45 minutes, 22 seconds


About the Art of Skate Sharpening
by George Crha

It was in England in 1870 that the hollow (then “gutter”) was first ground into the skating blade. Since this time, the machinery has improved significantly, but the skill of the operator to achieve technically perfect grind, especially for figure skaters, is sometime questionable. Since the compulsory figures are history, the only grind that left is the free skating grind, but technically speaking we have more than one free skating grind. The depth of the hollow has to be determined by the skater’s mass and skill level. A skate sharpener with inadequate knowledge can do serious and unrecognized damage to the skater’s technical development.

Now for another example of the not-so-obvious consequence, consider the Axel jump (single, double, triple): For the top world-class male skater, the triple Axel jump marks the threshold of true champion quality. The correct take-off of the Axel is not a clean edge (as it was in the 1930’s). In the moment of quick application of forces, the skater makes a sickle-shaped slide-skid behind the center point of the blade rocker. The balance is quickly transferred to the ball of the rocker and master toe pick.* When the edge of the blade is too sharp (because of the depth of the hollow) the skater is not capable of making the necessary skid. Clean edge take-off with any broadening is working against the very principles of the laws of biomechanics. The strong pressure on the outside take-off edge provides the necessary powerful lift, which is evident in the height of this jump.


From Cassie Bobilya, San Antonio, Texas

I once had a skater who believed that if I wasn't watching her that she would be able to do the elements that I asked of her. So I would turn my back to her, and watch her in the reflection of the glass, turn around when she was done and tell her what she needed to try the next time. It took her a few weeks to figure out how my psychic abilities worked!

Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The –Day” ”



Gloria Leous


ARC Chairperson and Area 5 Representative Coaching in Altoona, Penn. Ratings/Ranking: MM, SFS, RG, Level 3 Ranking

Gloria Leous is the new chairperson of the Area Representatives Committee. She has taken over the post held by Marylill Elbe since 2004. Despite the challenges of being both the ARC chair and an area representative, Leous will continue in her role as the Area 5 Representative. “I didn't want to give up being the Area Representative,” Leous said. “So far I’ve been able to keep up with both positions. The enjoyable part for me is interacting with the members, and I don’t want to lose that connection with the coaches in my area.”

Area 11 Representative since May 2012 Coaching since 1997 Current location: Rockford, Illinois Ratings: MPD, CM, CFS

Brigitte Carlson Roquet is the new Area 11 Representative serving Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. She began coaching in 1997 after a successful competitive career, which included being named the Colorado Open Championship’s “most promising young skater” and “the next Janet Lynn” by Rockford Magazine. She also performed as a professional dancer and studied ballet, tap, and jazz.


Carol Heiss

In 1961, Olympic Gold medalist Carol Heiss appeared in the full length feature film, Snow White and the Three Stooges. While this adaptation of Snow White was similar to the Disney version, The Three Stooges acted the part of her protectors.

Length: 1:47 Color


An Olympian and two-time Canadian silver medalist, Gary Beacom is one of the most unique performers to glide across the ice. Enjoy two of the most original programs ever performed.

Gary Beacom
– I’m Your Man Skating to Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man”

Gary Beacom – “Jazz” Song of Songs, from the 1970 jazz album by “Soprano Summit”





Coach Compliance “Tips For Coaches”

As we are into the new membership year, all coaches need to be compliant before coaching at U.S. Figure Skating events. To avoid some of the pitfalls that can delay verification, we have compiled some tips for coaches.

Start Early!
Waiting until late June to start the process does not provide any extra time if something gets delayed. CER programs open November 1 for the following season U.S. Figure Skating and PSA Memberships open June 1 Liability purchase opens June 1 Background check opens June 1 (Background checks can take up to 10-14 business days to complete)

Standardize Your Name
Make sure you have the same name on:

  • U.S. Figure Skating membership form
  • PSA membership form
  • Background check
  • CERs
  • Make certain your skaters use that name when naming you as a coach for a competition/test session.

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