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Coach Compliance "Tips For Coaches"


August 1, 2012

   In The Loop Issue #4 Extended Articles
As we are into the new membership year, all coaches need to be compliant before coaching at U.S. Figure Skating events. To avoid some of the pitfalls that can delay verification, we have compiled some tips for coaches.

Start Early!

Waiting until late June to start the process does not provide any extra time if something gets delayed.

  • CER programs open November 1 for the following season
  • U.S. Figure Skating and PSA Memberships open June 1
  • Liability purchase opens June 1
  • Background check opens June 1 (Background checks can take up to 10-14 business days to complete)
Standardize Your Name

Make sure you have the same name on:

  • U.S. Figure Skating membership form
  • PSA membership form
  • Background check
  • CERs
  • Make certain your skaters use that name when naming you as a coach for a competition/test session.
Double Check Status
  • Keep checking your “Members Only” account and print out a temporary card as soon as it is available
  • Keep checking until you see your name on the U.S. Figure Skating Coach Registration List. If it does not appear in a couple of weeks, double check your “Members Only” account. If your coach registration is not complete, call or email Member Services at U.S. Figure Skating at:  to find out the current status.
  • Do not assume just because you started the process, that you finished it. NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiative) is the company that provides the check. The link to NCSI is provided on the confirmation page after a payment is made.
  • Inform the membership chair for your club that as a coach, your membership fee and form need to be sent in right away and not bundled with the skaters and parents that sometimes don’t complete their form until just before the deadline
  • Check on your PSA membership on the PSA website
  • Print a copy or two of your liability insurance proof
Be a Professional
If coaches want to be treated like professionals, we must behave like professionals. Completing coaching requirements is a professional obligation. Be proactive in getting compliant. Don’t make the competition chair hunt you down to remind you to get your coaching requirements completed. It is coaches’ responsibility to complete the requirements in a timely fashion; it is the competition committee’s responsibility to enforce the rules. These requirements are no different than your skater who needs to be tested at the level they will compete at for a qualifying competition.