PSA Profile - Sue Smith

By Terri Milner Tarquini

August 1, 2017
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Who’s the voice heard when calling into PSA headquarters? That’s Sue Smith, PSA office receptionist.

But the Minnesota native started out, not in figure skating, but immersed in a world of numbers.

“Before kids, accounting was all I did,” Smith said. “Even while pregnant, I had no intention of quitting my job. But God had other plans.”

When Smith’s oldest daughter, Hayden, now 10, was born two months premature, her doctor encouraged her to stay home to nurture her baby through the first year.

“Even then, I knew absolutely that I’d be going back to work,” she said. “But after one year, she still just seemed so tiny to me… so one year turned into two years, which turned into three years and, next thing you know, I was pregnant again.”

But when second daughter Kaylin, now six, started pre-school four years ago, Smith found her way to PSA.
“It was going to be a challenge to get back into full-time accounting,” she said. “I had done some receptionist work before and this was part-time so it felt like a good fit.”

A good fit that’s come with a hefty education regarding all things figure skating.

“I had a lot to learn and I still feel like I am learning things every day,” Smith said. “I’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting to know the skating world more and more.”

Outside of the office, Smith values spending time with her husband of 12 years, Judd, and their family of four.

“We don’t have much free time,” Smith said, laughing. “But I enjoy bonfires at home and we go out to dinner every Friday night as a family. We all look forward to that time together.”

Now working full-time, in addition to being a helpful guide when anyone calls PSA, Smith is going to be taking on additional roles in accounting and membership.

“You know, I never felt like much of a people-person,” Smith said. “But, as they tend to do, having kids opened me up more. And now I have a job where I talk to people all the time. I enjoy being here to support everybody.”