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National Showcase 2017

By: Terri Milner Tarquini

Sometimes all it takes is a seed.

“I had this vision to turn my club in Texas into a showcase mecca, like Lake Placid was for ice dance for so long,” said Melissa Bowman, U.S. Figure Skating’s national vice chair of the theatrical skating committee for National Showcase. “So I talked and talked to everyone who would listen about evolving our local showcase competition – which was totally dying – into a national thing. And in 2002 we had Showcase America – and only 40 skaters came.”

Off-Ice Fitness Games for Figure Skaters

By Kristie Lynch

Figure skaters spend countless hours on the ice committed to improving their craft of jumping, spinning and executing new gliding movements. Another jump, another spin, another program, all while attempting to become faster on the ice, stronger in a spin position and attempt a more difficult jump becomes a daily part of life. With this dedication to on-ice development and progress comes a call to action to train properly both on and off the ice. Off-ice training protocols help decrease injuries, increase skill development and overall help keep athletes healthy. There are many traditional off-ice workouts that have wonderful benefits. Besides these routine off-ice training regimens, a different approach to off-ice conditioning through games may also be helpful for skaters’ advancement. For example, strength exercises like the plank and cardiovascular endurance activities can be implemented through modified games while working with partners, small groups, or larger group of skaters.

Webinar #3- Interpretation

October 10, 2017
8:00pm EST
7:00pm CST
6:00pm MT
5:00pm PST

PSA and U.S. Figure Skating are pleased to announce the Program Component Competitive Series, a coach-focused webinar series, covering the criteria for each of the five IJS Program Components.

Delaware Sports Hall of Fame

Scott Gregory was inducted into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame on May 16, 2017. Scott competed in the 1984 Olympics with partner Lisa Spitz, and the 1988 Olympics with partner Suzy Semanick. Scott and Suzy were the U.S. Champions in 1987 and 1988. Congratulations Scott!


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3. Fill out the form and click the Submit button
4. The information will be emailed to sta to enter into your account

You can also click on Coaches Education, then choose Forms from the dropdown list. Under Education you will find the Adavit you can click on and print.


Ice Cube

Coaches Chuckle

Developing a Growth Mindset Carol Dweck shares her work on developing growth mindset environments to help students succeed in the classroom and in life.

By: Deb Marett

Directing a student putting on a crash pad for the first time, I said, "For this jump you would typically fall to your right." The student, looking very relieved, responded, "Oh, I thought you were going to say I would fall to my death!"

Ice Times

Divots and Pivots

Fit and Fed blogger gives us a look into the Harlick factory.

Who’s the voice heard when calling into PSA headquarters? That’s Sue Smith, PSA office receptionist.

But the Minnesota native started out, not in figure skating, but immersed in a world of numbers.

“Before kids, accounting was all I did,” Smith said. “Even while pregnant, I had no intention of quitting my job. But God had other plans.”


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