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National Get Up Day

By: US Figure Skating

On February 1, 2017, U.S. Figure Skating will invite people around the United States to participate in the inaugural National Get Up Day, a celebration of those who embody the Get Up spirit. Officially declared by The Registrar at National Day Calendar, National Get Up Day will be celebrated annually on February 1.

We are excited that the City of Colorado Springs will officially proclaim Feb. 1, 2017, as “Get Up Day in Colorado Springs,” to recognize the inspirational spirit of athletes from across America who come to train in “Olympic City USA.”

Hockey Certification

By Kent McDill

Figure skating and hockey are related. Some people believe they are blood-related, while others believe the two sports resemble cousins by marriage.

The component that brings the two sports together is skating on ice. The component that makes skaters successful in either pursuit is being taught how to skate properly.

FTC Settlement Statement

February 1, 2015

Dear Member:

As you may know, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) conducted an investigation concerning the provision in PSA’s Code of Ethics that stated:

No member shall in any case solicit pupils of another member, directly or indirectly, or through third parties.

The FTC alleges that this provision in the Code of Ethics violates the Federal Trade Commission Act because it unnecessarily restricts members of PSA from competing for pupils, thereby depriving pupils of the benefits of competition among skating coaches. The FTC also alleges that PSA guidelines stating it is unethical for members to give free lessons is an illegal restriction on price competition.

Divots & Pivots

Coaches Chuckle

By Debi Leeming and Lindsay Gillis

My apprentice journey began at a PSA Seminar at the Skating Club of Boston last fall. One of the speakers was Kori Ade.

By: Jacques Gilson

After 25 minutes of teaching a boy footwork for his Pre Preliminary Freeskate, the 9 year old yells out, "This is like a physical tongue twister!" Very true, young man.


Ice Times

Ice Cube

U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone

Did you know that U.S. Figure Skating has a special Fan Zone page? Check it out!

Enjoy this video of Ashley Clark, co-winner of the Creative Visionary Award at the 2016 U.S. Open Professional Skating Championships.

Meet your Area Rep

Don Corbiell
Area 15 Representative

Teaching changes everything… including the teacher!

Having taught ice skating now for 23+ years, I have developed a deep abiding respect for anyone that has ever been a teacher in my life…no matter the subject, the skill or the end result. School work came easy to me; I understand now how difficult it must have been at times for my school teachers to find creative ways to keep me engaged and not be bored in class. And somehow they did, and I never once got smacked upside the head with a chalkboard brush! That in itself is a great talent!

Lisa Reibly
Area 9 Representative

I am supposed to talk about my single most memorable skating moment….good or bad and how it changed the future of my skating. I don’t believe I have a single most memorable skating moment. Just like all skaters, I have many memorable moments…good and bad. All of the good and challenging moments made me the skater/coach/person I am today.

When I think of good memories of skating these are my thoughts: I hear the hum of the arena lights all of those years when I was patching, changing my skates after....


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