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Tips for Running a Successful Group Program

By Terri Milner Tarquini

Kimberly Berry employs an almost through-the-looking-glass type philosophy when coordinating group programming. Simply stated, she attempts to see everything not as a coach, but as a parent.

“As instructors who are on the inside, we see things differently,” said Berry, figure skating director at the Edge Ice Arena in Littleton, Colorado. “We have to flip that and always be aware of the parents’ perspective and how they see things from the outside looking in. We have to see what a parent sees.”

And that begins from the second they step foot in the building.

PSA Apprentice Program

By Terri Milner Tarquini

The term “apprentice’’ has an old-school feel to it. In pre-America Europe, apprentices learned a trade from the masters to become shoemakers or woodworkers or shipbuilders.

Leonardo da Vinci was an apprentice painter, and went on to paint the Mona Lisa. Benjamin Franklin was an apprentice printer before using his skills to influence the American Revolution. Mickey Mouse was the most famous apprentice of all as he learned to become a sorcerer.

It is perhaps because figure skating has an old-school history that apprenticeships have become so meaningful in the art and craft of coaching figure skating.


Pattern Dance Testing – Partnered and Solo Tracks

In 1996, U.S. Figure Skating added solo pattern dance track tests to the testing structure. This track was not meant to augment the current dance tests for everyone, but to make tests and goals available to those skaters who did not have access to partners or who preferred this form of skating.

As the solo dance tests became more popular, more clarification was needed as to how the solo dance track fit in with the partnered dance track, so in 2011, the rules were clarified and now read as follows in the 2016-17 U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook, pages 271-272:

An Evening with Scott Hamilton and Friends

By Terri Milner Tarquini

Scott Hamilton fights like an Olympian.

It takes a certain level of dedication and work ethic to make it to the highest levels of one’s sport, much less to stand atop the podium. In the history of the 50 Olympic Games the United States has competed, there have been 1,118 total gold medals earned by Americans, in both winter and summer Games and across all sports.

In 1984, Scott Hamilton became one of those who worked and won when he skated to gold medal glory in Sarajevo as the world watched.

Now he works to win on behalf of cancer patients, caregivers and survivors around the world through his Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation.


Divots & Pivots

Coaches Chuckle

Tips for U.S. Figure Skating Continuing Education Requirements (CERs)

By Ann Miksch

U.S. Figure Skating mandates Continuing Education Requirements for all coaches. PSA administers the CER courses for U.S. Figure Skating. U.S. Figure Skating clubs enforce Coach Compliance at test sessions, competitions and at all club activities.

Nancy Blackwell-Grieder

I was teaching a sweet little student of mine this morning. While placing her arms in the correct position to start her forward outside edges, she kept trying to pull her arm away. Finally I said "WHAT are you doing?" She looked up and me and said very quietly "I have to cough"...I let go of her and she coughed in her elbow. Good girl!! Such good manners!!


Ice Times

Ice Cube

30 Things Synchronized Skaters Can Relate To

If you are a synchro skater and aren’t yet following Get it Called, you’re missing out!

Presenting 2016 U.S. Open Professional Championships competitor and winner of the Ground Breaker Award….Mauro Bruni!

Meet your Area Rep

Lee Cabell
Area 3 Representative

In the early 1960s, Lee Cabell was a small boy who had just learned how to skate when the Czechoslovak national championships came to his hometown of Opava, near the Polish border. Many notable Czechoslovak skaters were in town, and the young Cabell was chosen for a special honor which also provided him with his most memorable skating moment.

“My grandfather had a large garden at the time and he offered his beautiful gladiolus flowers to be given to the competitors.

Liz Egetoe
Area 7 Representative

As coaches, we have so many memorable moments that mold our careers and our lives. I have been fortunate enough to have a series of moments that may appear to be an unfortunate turn of events, but in reality are the ones that have blessed me with this amazing career. A month before I turned 13, I had a spinal fusion to correct scoliosis. They had to remove 9 discs, implant 2 titanium rods and screws, and fuse 18 vertebra together. My scoliosis curvature went from 70 and 80 degrees to 15 and 23 degrees with the fusion from C-3 to L-4. As you can imagine, that is incredibly limiting for our sport.


Riedell, Grassroots to Champions, Champion Cords, Magic Of Style, Power Twist