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Another fun group has shown up on Facebook…Memories of Patch. Administered by Jamie Santee, PSA Social Media Manager, the site is a wonderful stroll through memory lane. There are great sentimental comments as well as humorous recollections.


Bruce Poodles


Episode #55 Frances Dafoe

With her partner Norris Bowden, Frances Dafoe was a four-time Canadian Champion in Pairs, one-time Champion in Ice Dance, two-time World Champion, and the 1956 Olympic Silver Medalist. She discusses their controversial silver medal, how they changed the rules of pair skating, why Strawberry Ice was her favorite project for costume design, and her new book “Figure Skating and the Arts”. 52 minutes, 29 seconds.




 Transitions in skating are defined as the varied and/or intricate footwork, positions, movements, and holds that link all the elements. In singles, pairs and synchronized skating, this also includes the entrances and exits of all technical elements… transitions are extremely important, but the IJS is not what comes to mind when I think of the word. Take a peek at a portion of the CER course “2 GRO-W Champions”. This interview with Dr. Clark Power from the University of Notre Dame discusses transitioning skaters from the sport.

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From Tracey Farrell Griffin ~ Sutton, Massachusetts

I received a compliment from a coach last night. She said “your skater is doing great. Her jumps look awesome; who are you having her work with?"

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Marylill Elbe

Marylill Elbe took the reins as the Area Representatives Committee Chair in 2004, at a time when the PSA was considering discontinuing the committee altogether. According to Elbe, the representatives were inactive and not effectively engaged in their positions or with the members in their areas. However, through her efforts over the past eight years, ARC has blossomed into the important liaison between the PSA Board of Governors and the membership it was originally intended to be.

Elbe’s first tasks in rebuilding the committee were to establish a mission statement and clear directives for the representatives, and to ensure that communication would become the key component connecting all levels of the organization. She created the “ARC” acronym to represent the connection established through that communication, and stood firmly on the ARC’s new mission statement: Involve, Value, Validate.



TR 1.10 Judges’ Creed

The following Judges’ Creed is established for the guidance of all judges of figure skating, ice dancing and synchronized skating:

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be a judge of figure skating, ice dancing, or synchronized skating.

I shall make my judgment to the best of my ability with all humility and then shall keep my own counsel unless questioned officially.

I shall free my mind of all former impressions, be cooperative and punctual, and do my best always to improve my knowledge and to uphold the dignity of the sport.


Biddy & Baddy
Holiday on Ice Int'l of 1979 (U.S.A.)

George “Gigi” Percelly and Steve Pedley perform as Biddy and Baddy in this historic comedy piece from 1979. Known for their physical slapstick humor, the English duo performed together for nearly 20 years, skating with Holiday on Ice, Ice Follies, and Ice Capades. This is a classic! 2006.






Carole Shulman

75 years ago. That’s a long time. I don’t remember all of those 75 years but I do remember about three-quarters of them! My first memory is hearing about the Professional Skaters Guild of America (PSGA) and Wally Sahlin as president back in the late 1950’s. Wally was unique. He was not only a coach but also a rink manager. This position gave him status, which was something most coaches did not have in those days. We had an important place in the skating world and in the lives of our skaters, but it was seldom recognized. In the eyes of those around us, our profession was not real. After all, we were getting paid for something that everyone else was enjoying. The question was often asked, “When are you going to get a real job?”     


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