Retiring Roles Williams
feted by fellow coaches

October 1, 2016
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Barbara Roles Williams, the 1960 Olympic bronze medalist and 1962 U.S. champion, arrived as a coach at the University of Delaware in the summer of 2002. Once there, she immediately changed the dynamic of the University of Delaware Training Center.

“There was excitement in the rink when she arrived,” fellow coach Gary Irving said. “Barbara was a wonderful addition to our staff and quickly filled her lesson times. She continued to be an important part of our facility, providing her expertise and knowledge and helping to create a better experience for skaters and coaches.

This summer, Roles Williams left her hallowed training home and moved back to California to enjoy retirement. To honor the popular coach, the University of Delaware Training Center coaching staff threw her a big party.

“We will miss seeing Barbara in the hockey box, correcting spin positions, increasing difficulty of skating and making jumps fly,” Irving said. “Barbara will be missed by everyone, especially her laugh, her smile and her presence every day. It has been inspiring to have Barbara here all these years. She has made many friends and improved many, many skaters’ careers. We wish her the best in her retirement.”