Educational Credits –
How Many Credits Do I Have?

by: Ann Miksch


August 1, 2016
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Chances are when you have attended an educational event you have been given an affidavit to fill out and return to the PSA office for credits. You can mail a hard copy, fax, or scan and email the affidavit, and keep a copy for yourself. That is the easy part. Deciphering what they count for, and how many count becomes tricky.
Rated coaches, including those who have passed the Basic Accreditation (BA) exam or Foundations of Coaching Course (FCC) are required to obtain a total of 28 education credits every three years in order to maintain an active rating. Coaches have three years to obtain the first 28 credits after their first rating, and maintain it from then forward.
Of the 28 credits a minimum of 12 credits must be from a PSA event. A maximum of 16 credits can come from another organization (pre-approved events).

PSA Events- Minimum of 12 credits

Pre-Approved Events- Maximum of 16 credits

  • Nationwide Seminars
  • Half-Day Seminars
  • International Conference & Trade Show
  • E-Learning Series online
  • Foundations of Coaching Course (FCC)
  • Ratings Prep
  • Oral Rating exams
  • E-Learning Series online
  • State Workshops
  • Apprentice Program
  • U.S. Figure Skating Camps
  • U.S. Figure Skating Learn to Skate USA workshops
  • U.S. Figure Skating Continuing Education Requirements (CERs)
  • ISI Seminars
  • ISI Conference
  • Skate Canada events
  • USOC events


Credits are recorded in members' accounts by membership year. July 1, 2016 credits for this year (2016-17) will be recorded as 17. The three previous years that will count are 2016 (2015-16), 2015 (2014-15), and 2014 (2013-14). The credits from 2013 expired.

Rated coaches with less than 28 credits on file will be listed as having an inactive rating. This does not mean your membership is inactive. When your rating is inactive you may not advertise the rating until the 28 credits are accumulated and a request for re-activation is submitted to the PSA office.

Directions for how to check your educational credits online are available here:

Inactive ratings are signified with a # in front of them: #BA-10

If you have any questions about educational credits, please contact Ann Miksch at