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In-The-Loop-Issue #28
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Issue #28

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Skating Legacy – Injuries and Healing

By Kristen Townsend

Many years ago I made a decision. It was the decision to dedicate myself to my skating and to push myself as hard as I could, to become the most advanced skater that all my hard work would allow.

For me, that dedication looked like 4:30am practice sessions before school; after school training with a team of specialist coaches; hours of off-ice conditioning either in the gym or in my bedroom; skating in my tennis shoes through the grocery store aisles; reading biographies about the professional skaters who I admired so much; long drives to training camps and skate shops; always preparing for a competition or a skating test; and sometimes it looked like healing an injury.

Educational Credits
How Many Credits Do I Have?

by: Ann Miksch

Chances are when you have attended an educational event you have been given an affidavit to fill out and return to the PSA office for credits. You can mail a hard copy, fax, or scan and email the affidavit, and keep a copy for yourself. That is the easy part. Deciphering what they count for, and how many count becomes tricky.

Rated coaches, including those who have passed the Basic Accreditation (BA) exam or Foundations of Coaching Course (FCC) are required to obtain a total of 28 education credits every three years in order to maintain an active rating. Coaches have three years to obtain the first 28 credits after their first rating, and maintain it from then forward.


Ice Times

Coaches Chuckle

I Have a Date With an Advil

Check out a fun blog for adult skaters at The Ice Doesn’t Care!

By Carrie Lyons-Greene

This morning I asked my athlete what direction her Lutz jump left the ice on the take off. Her reply "It went south!"

Ice Cube

Colleen Okolski

Here’s a look at aerialist Colleen Okolski and her performance at the 2015 U.S. Open Professional Championships. Video from the 2016 event is coming soon!

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