Notice of Membership
Category Changes


June 1, 2016
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On February 11, 2016, the PSA Board of Governors passed a by-law change to streamline membership categories. The Associate and Intern memberships are now combined, and will be referred to as Associate. The Basic and Patron memberships will be combined and referred to as Basic.

All new memberships require a sponsor. A sponsor must be a current member of PSA, and be willing to provide guidance to the new member as needed.

Each membership year, a late fee of $35 will be charged to renewals after September 30 for all membership categories.

Membership renewal for the 2016-2017 season is now available at
If you have any questions regarding your membership or these changes, please contact Elizabeth Thornton, PSA Membership Services, at or 507-281-5122.


New $135
Renewal $130

Full membership shall be available to an instructor, age 18 years or older, who teaches an average of 5 hours or more per week. Full membership also applies to skate technicians and program directors. Full membership is required to take oral rating exams and sport science and medicine exams. Only full members hold voting privileges and can hold elective office. Full members are eligible for liability insurance.


New $85
Renewal $80

Associate membership shall be available to an instructor, age 16 years or older, who teaches an average of 5 hours or less per week, an ice show skater, or a coach whose main occupation is not figure skating but whose expertise is in off-ice training in fields such as dance, conditioning, biomechanics, or sports physiology. Associate membership is also for temporarily or permanently retired coaches. Associate members qualify to take the Basic Accreditation exam, and are eligible for liability insurance. Associate members do not have voting privileges and cannot hold elective office.

New $45
Renewal $40

Basic membership shall be available to an instructor, age 16 years or older, who teaches group classes and does not teach private or semi-private lessons. Basic membership shall also be available for non-professionals, judges, or businesses who wish to support the goals and activities of PSA. Basic members are not eligible for ratings or liability insurance, do not have voting privileges, and cannot hold elective office.

Renewal $190 plus $35 per additional family member starting with the third person

Refers to a" family" in the traditional sense (spouse-spouse, parent-child, etc). Also requires that the family resides at one address. Family memberships hold the same qualifications and benefits as a Full membership.

No fee

Honorary membership is a lifetime membership granted by PSA Board of Governors to a person who has rendered distinguished service to the organization.

Membership Benefits


Receive PSA publications and communications

Member pricing for events and merchandise

Eligible for liability insurance

Can attain and advertise BA

Can attain and advertise ratings beyond BA

Voting rights and can hold elective office















Full, Family, and Honorary