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In-The-Loop-Issue #27
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Issue #27

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2016 Fritz Dietl Award Winner Ice Den Scottsdale

By Kent McDill

At first blush, the idea of ice skating in the Phoenix area makes little sense.

But sometimes it gets so warm in Arizona’s capital city that city dwellers and their suburban cohorts will seek a temporary solution to the overheating. An ice rink fills the bill nicely.

And Scottsdale, Ariz., just northeast of downtown Phoenix, has one of the best ice rinks in the nation.

USOC Trainer- Brandon Siakel

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

An injured athlete cannot perform.

A simple concept, but in the world of figure skating it is the topic of intense speculation about boot manufacturing, force absorption, and over-training.

In the 1,460 days between Winter Games, keeping a skater healthy could be the most vital thing to their success. “The number one benefit to off-ice strength and conditioning is injury reduction,” said Brandon Siakel, strength and conditioning trainer for the USOC.

“The national governing bodies of figure skating had a need. Injuries were occurring, and that was a clear indication that strength and conditioning was necessary.”

Divots and Pivots

Coaches Chuckle

Notice of Membership Category Changes
by: Elizabeth Thornton

On February 11, 2016, the PSA Board of Governors passed a by-law change to streamline membership categories. The Associate and Intern memberships are now combined, and will be referred to as Associate. The Basic and Patron memberships will be combined and referred to as Basic.


By Deb Marett

Working with a pre-juv moves student, she went out to do her backward circle 8, which she has struggling to get large and steady enough for months. I watched in astonishment as she gave a very powerful initial push, sailed around the first circle and on into the rest of it. It was large, balanced, and steady. I was elated--until she came back to me and said, "Well, that was unexpected. I have no idea how I did that; I haven't even been working on it. Shall we just move on?"



Ice Times

Ice Cube

Ice Charades

Ice Charades is an ex-showgirl’s blog about ice show skaters. Here, she shares a list of the most beautiful ice skating rinks in the world.

Alpine Lake Skating

Did you see the May issue of PS Magazine with the cover photo and article of Laura Kottlowski and her alpine lake skating? Here you can enjoy video of one of her adventures!

Liability Insurance

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