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Anne Marie Filosa


April 1, 2016
   In The Loop Extended Articles

Area 2

Over the years, I have often recounted my most embarrassing skating moment and it always elicits lots of laughter. Sometime in the 1980’s, I tested a silver dance at the old Cohasset Winter Garden. I don’t recall if I passed or failed the test, but I’ll always remember my most embarrassing, but humorous, skating moment. After the test, one of the judges approached me in the rink lobby. In an extremely loud voice and enunciating very clearly, the judge complemented me by saying, “You do really well for someone with a hearing problem.” Confused, I replied, “What?” The judge repeated his comment in an even louder voice and emphasizing each syllable. After he walked away, I realized that my timing during the dance was so off that the judges must have thought that I was actually deaf. In spite of my “hearing” the beat “problem”, I continued ice dancing and went on to pass the adult gold dance test and four international dance tests. Unfortunately, this “problem” must be genetic because I passed it on to my daughter who, like her mother, also struggles to hear the beat when she ice dances.

Last week, I had an experience that definitely qualifies as my most embarrassing coaching moment. My student was on the ice testing the intermediate MIF. I looked down, saw a mouse running by my feet, and let out an absolutely blood curdling scream during her test. Luckily, my student was unfazed. The judges just wanted to know if the mouse had skates on!