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Why should I be rated?

by: Holly Malewski, MS


April 1, 2016
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Why should I be rated? I have won national titles, been to international competitions, heck I've been to worlds multiple times... so why should I be rated? Haven’t I proven my abilities? I have had many coaches express similar thoughts to me.

In any professional teaching position, instructors need to continue their education to maintain their license to work. We are no exception to the rule. Continuous improvement is imperative and essential to keep our sport moving forward. The minute you are complacent with your position and knowledge, you risk no longer being effective to your students and possibly being rendered ineffective.

Ratings exams benefit the sport, the examinee, and the examiners. The main purpose is to evaluate and certify the knowledge of our coaches. However, ratings exams also unify our instructional standards, strategies, skating (discipline specific) vocabulary, and maintains integrity within our profession. Both examinees and examiners benefit from this experience. This is a great learning opportunity for all involved.

I remember taking my first exam just as vividly as I remember sitting on the panel as an examiner for the first time. With both experiences, as well as every other ratings exam I have participated in, I leave the room with more knowledge than when I entered. I have come to realize that the process is an educational experience for all involved. So, I ask the question differently: why not go through the ratings process? We expect our athletes to continue to improve. Shouldn’t we model this too?


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