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In-The-Loop-Issue #26
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Issue #26

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Patrick O’Neil

By Terri Milner Tarquini

Club Relations Specialist for U.S. Figure Skating is a big job, but - once the need for such a position was identified - someone had to do it.

Enter Patrick O’Neil.

“I consult with clubs around the country on their various needs - governance issues, by-laws issues, SafeSport issues, coach-related issues - anything, really,” O’Neil said. “The reality is there is a multitude of issues that clubs face today. And those issues are different depending on where you are. Detroit is not going to face the same issues as a club in Los Angeles. It’s a 24-hour-a-day job. Nights, weekends, anytime - I am on call.”

Scott Hamilton Skating Academy

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

The Scott Hamilton Skating Academy isn’t looking to completely reinvent the sport of figure skating, but it is taking aim at reinvigorating it.

“Scott is really innovative,” said Paula Trujillo, figure skating manager and coach at the academy. “He believes there are no problems, only solutions. We work toward two goals here: how to make learning to skate fun and how to make it affordable.

”It’s a mission statement that seems to be working, judging by the numbers.

Divots and Pivots




Ice Times


Why should I be rated?
by: Holly Malewski, MS

Why should I be rated? I have won national titles, been to international competitions, heck I've been to worlds multiple times... so why should I be rated? Haven’t I proven my abilities? I have had many coaches express similar thoughts to me.


Notice of Membership Category Changes

On February 11, 2016, the PSA Board of Governors passed a by-law change to streamline membership categories. The Associate and Intern memberships are now combined, and will be referred to as Associate. The Basic and Patron memberships will be combined and referred to as Basic.

Life on the Edge

"Dear Universe,
Thank you for letting me live out my dreams since I was five years old. I know you're thinking there were other unfollowed follies in these 30 years of mine, but figure skating has always been my first and foremost love. So, I thank you.

Sincerely, Me”

PS Foundation- U.S. Open Sponsorships Available

News Flash! You now can sponsor one of our 2016 U.S. Open competitors for a minimum of $250.
For a current list of competitors please contact our office.
In appreciation of your support of our event and the PS Foundation all U.S. Open sponsors will have
the opportunity to place a full page ad in our event program book.

Ad submission deadline date is Thursday, April 7, 2016.

Meet Your Area Rep

Coaches Chuckle

Ice Cube

Anne Marie Filosa
Area 2 Representative

Over the years, I have often recounted my most embarrassing skating moment and it always elicits lots of laughter.

By Gretchen Cabanban Hamilton

Living in "The Windy City" (Chicago) just gave new meaning to me at 5:40am this morning....it means I have no lesson because my student canceled due to it being "too windy to drive!"

Jonathan Cassar

Presenting Jonathan Cassar, winner of the Ground Breaker Award at the 2015 U.S. Open Professional Figure Skating Championships.

Riedell, Grassroots to Champions, Champion Cords, Magic Of Style, Power Twist