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Alex Chang

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

Strung throughout almost any conversation with Alex Chang is evidence that he is an evaluator, a planner, and a goal setter.

These traits undoubtedly aid him in being a successful coach, and will also come in handy in his new path as the 3rd Vice President of PSA, a job that calls for him to oversee ratings and rankings.

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

by: Kent McDill

It is arguably the most famous skating rink in the United States, perhaps in the world.

In October, The Rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City opened for its 79th season. Located one floor below ground level, under the guise of a golden statue of Prometheus on 5th Ave. between 49th St. and 50th St., the skating rink is prepared to host thousands of skaters until its scheduled closing day sometime in April.

Meet Your Area Rep

Divots and Pivots

Ice Times

Martha Harding

Area 1 Representative
Current Location: Colchester, VT
Ratings: MG, MM, MFF

Shortly after starting private lessons, my coach suggested I participate in our club’s annual ice show. I was a shy, awkward 10-year-old with legs for days. I was placed in a group number wearing a sparkling tutu outfit skating to “It’s a Marshmallow World in the Winter.”  We were so proud, skating together under the colored house and spot lights. This, in itself, was exciting enough until I sat in the audience to watch the rest of the ice show.  Onto the ice came 24 strong, tall skaters dressed in toreador outfits with fringed hats and short capes performing a precision routine to “Espana Cani.”  There was speed, exciting formations done completely in synch with music and lighting changes, and a catch-on pinwheel. I was hooked! These skaters created a magical place.  I thought if I work really hard, I could be one of that elite group someday.

Creating Business Cards as a Coach
by: Amanda Taylor

Hi friends! I am a graphic designer for PSA and spend my time on PS Magazine, advertisements, educational materials like study guides and manuals, and various forms of printed materials for conference (logo, nametags, agendas, etc.). In addition to design work, I do some photography and am acting photo editor.

Setting up your own coaching website
by: Lee Green

My name is Lee Green and I am the web designer for the PSA.

Designing a website can be frustrating if you are new to the game, so below I have provided some helpful tips to make web building fun and easy!

Skate Guard Blog

The Skate Guard blog is a treasure trove of skating history, archives, and interviews. Here’s a peek at the best programs of Katarina Witt, just one of many skating legends.

Trying to name 6.0 of two time Olympic Gold Medallist and four time World Champion Katarina Witt's best programs is like trying to name six of Julia Child's best recipes, six of Tracy Chapman's best songs or six of one of those football people's best touchdowns or home runs or whatever it is they do. I don't know anything about the team sports. I do know a thing or two about fantastic skating and as far as understanding of music, presence and artistry on the ice, Katarina Witt is one of the most talented and memorable stars the sport has ever seen. There's something larger than life about her skating that draws you in and something so authentic about her interpretations of music that puts you at ease and makes you completely in awe of her talent. Let's celebrate Katarina's December 3 birthday by taking a trip down memory lane and enjoying 6.0 of her best programs!

Happy Holidays



Heidi Evers
Stillwater, Minnesota

I was working on back spins with a student and made a comment, something like, "It's all about the balance." So she piped up "...because I'm all about that balance, 'bout that balance, no trouble!" in a singsong voice to the tune of "All About That Bass." – Heidi Evers

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2015 U.S. Open- Ryan Jahnke

Presenting Ryan Jahnke, winner of the 2015 Skater’s Skater Award and The Olivia Clark Foundation Luminary Award.

Ryan Jahnke- a great performance from the 2015 PSA US Open Professional Figure Skating Competition

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