Divots and Pivots
Creating Business Cards as a Coach

By: Amanda Taylor


December 1, 2015
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Hi friends! I am a graphic designer for PSA and spend my time on PS Magazine, advertisements, educational materials like study guides and manuals, and various forms of printed materials for conference (logo, nametags, agendas, etc.). In addition to design work, I do some photography and am acting photo editor.

As a coach and business owner, you have opportunities to grow your clientele and present yourself as a qualified coach. A professional image is paramount to the identity that you portray. A tidy appearance will take a hit if you scribble your contact details onto an old receipt for a prospective student. The thank you letter that you send a fellow coach will imply attention to detail when written on personalized stationary. This is where a well-designed identity will help set you apart.

Perhaps the most important piece of your identity will be a business card. As our Coaches Manual states, it is a good idea to have business cards available to hand to prospective or current students as well as other coaches at conference or seminars. Are you aware that you can get business cards through the PSA? For a quick, streamlined approach, you can send us your details and we will take care of the design and printing for you. How easy is that?!
If you would rather have a more creative hand in the process, you can design your own business cards and have them printed by a local printer or even online. Many printers will offer templates or design services. Some online printers worth checking out are moo.com or vistaprint.com. Business cards are a great opportunity to advertise your ratings and rankings- though be advised, if your educational credits fall behind, you cannot hand out your cards until your status is active again.

If you would like to take on the designing of your own materials like business cards and flyers, here are some points for you to take into consideration:

  • Work towards a simple, clean design. Try to stay away from unnecessary details and elements. White space is a GOOD thing!

  • Your name and contact details should be easy to find and legible to read. To raise your game, try incorporating fonts that don’t come standard on your machine. Myfonts.com or FontSquirrel.com are a nice place to start.

  • Remember that the purpose of a flyer is to grab attention and provide important contact details. Keep text short and concise, including only the most important bits of information. Along with business cards, these are both great opportunities to point prospective students, employers, and even current students to your website. Your website is the perfect place to house the entirety of your information. A site that I personally use is weebly.com. You can find more information about building a website from fellow PSA designer Lee here Learn More
  • Try to aim for a consistent look across your pieces for maximum effectiveness in identity recognition. A common color scheme or choice in fonts will help achieve this goal. A logo or wordmark used on all of your materials would also be valuable. My recommendation for logo design is to hire a professional. A graphic designer can create an effective logo and provide you with a variety of file formats to fulfill all of your needs.

  • One last thing – do you have a current professional portrait? This might be something that you would like to include on your website or flyers. If having your headshot professionally captured is out of budget (but a worthy expense in my opinion), taking matters into your own hands is still possible. Have a friend with a steady hand man the camera or take advantage of the timer option on your camera. Choose a well-lit location with a simple background. Be aware of any shadows or reflections and having to squint.

Take control of your professional image today by creating a well-designed identity system. Feel free to send me a note at ataylor@skatepsa.com if you would like any guidance or have questions.