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skaitng Ribbon

The Skating Ribbon

by: Kent McDill

In the winter of 2014, Chicago’s perfect lakefront, which already had miles of walking paths and beaches and entertainment venues and nearby shopping, added an activity that makes the magnificent city even more perfect.

Right in the middle of the expanse of lakefront land that beckons to visitors, from Soldier Field and the Field Museum to the south all the way to the north end of the Magnificent Mile, the City of Chicago constructed a playground. And in the middle of the playground, snaking its way past trees, slides and climbing structures, there is an ice skating surface.

But not just any ice skating surface.

Tom Hickey

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

It’s a familiar question: “Why do I need to get my ratings?” a coach asks.

As the new Ratings Committee Chair, Tom Hickey has the answer.

“In a word: credibility,” he said. “Ratings make it so a coach can go to a parent, client or co-worker and say unequivocally, ‘I am credible because I have gone through this process.’”

A series of tests and oral exams created by the PSA, Hickey is aware of one of the well-worn complaints about the ratings process - subjectivity of the examining panel.

“There have been some ups and downs to the process, but we are working very hard to make it a level and well-thought-out playing field,” he said. “One of my goals is to bring a sense of equality and symmetry to the ratings and the testing structure.”


Meet Your Area Rep


Social Media for Coaches Social


Don Corbiell

Area 15 Representative
Years coaching: 22
Current Location: San Francisco,CA
Ratings: MFS, MM

When Don Corbiell first toured with Ice Capades, he didn’t receive quite the welcome he was expecting. Despite being a strong skater, his performance director and others in the show frequently made disparaging remarks about his being from the country and not having competed nationally. That repeated negativity began to take a toll on Corbiell, and planted the seeds of self-doubt.

“Even though I was very good in the show, I had to work very hard to mentally get past that negativity,” he said.

by: Jamie Lynn Santee

Developing your own personal brand is something that coaches need to seriously consider these days and online presence can really help with that. Social media is a quick and easy way to begin networking and assuming you have a computer and internet, it won’t cost you a penny!

1. Creating an Online Identity Who are you? What is your history? What are your values and areas of expertise? What kind of coach do you aspire to be? Relate your posts to these strengths and values. Use humor and show humility- although the occasional “humble brag” is okay.

Top Social Media Platforms, explained:

by: Monte Tiedemann

This past Saturday, I witnessed an act of sportsmanship that I have never seen before. This occurred during the Preliminary Girls free skate at Skate St. Moritz in Oakland, California.

Two ten year old girls that skate at the same facility were in the same warm up group and skating back to back. When it came time for Sophie to skate her program there was a problem with her music which would not play. Neither the parent nor the coach had a backup CD. Katherine (the skater I coach) looked at me and asked what they would do now. I explained to her that Sophie would need to withdraw and not skate. Katherine asked if Sophie could use her music.

The Worst Costumes Ever


Coaches Chucklle


Enjoy a Megasequin podcast by Kim Navarro and Brent Bommentre as they share stories about the worst costumes ever.

Nancy Blackwell-Grieder
Erie, Colorado

Funny lesson today with my 11 year old skater. I was trying to get her to use her core and be aware of her posture and I asked her if she knew what a girdle was and she said "a pan"? LOL! I told her a girdle, not a griddle. She laughed so loud!

Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The-Day”

U.S. Open 2015 Higgins and Rice

Presenting Sean Rice and Jodeyne Higgins, winners of the Grand Champion Award.

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