By: Monte Tiedemann

October 1, 2015
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This past Saturday, I witnessed an act of sportsmanship that I have never seen before. This occurred during the Preliminary Girls free skate at Skate St. Moritz in Oakland, California.
Two ten year old girls that skate at the same facility were in the same warm up group and skating back to back. When it came time for Sophie to skate her program there was a problem with her music which would not play. Neither the parent nor the coach had a backup CD. Katherine (the skater I coach) looked at me and asked what they would do now. I explained to her that Sophie would need to withdraw and not skate. Katherine asked if Sophie could use her music.
I offered this solution to the other coach. We explained to Sophie that Katherine's music was similar and she could make her program coordinate with it. 
Off she went. It worked!
Sophie placed just above Katherine in the final results. However, the two of them were seen with each other for the rest of the day. They knew each other previously but now a bond of friendship has occurred. And what a shining example of the values and character learned in the sport of figure skating!