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Arts Academy Charter School

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

Pairing a challenging education with the opportunity to try out a variety of artistic pursuits, including figure skating, is what makes the Arts Academy Charter School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a little bit different than the average school experience.

“The whole school and staff are focused on a philosophy that is more understanding to students with a bend toward the arts,” Principal Jan Labellarte said. “The academics are designed to be rigorous, but still provide the creative aspect.”

In what is called a “consolidated academic approach,” about two-thirds of the students’ day is spent on their traditional core classes and the other one-third is dedicated to their artistic pursuits. In addition to skating, courses include dance, theatre, vocal, instrumental and visual arts, such as painting and sculpting.

Detroit Skating Club

by: Kent McDill

The Detroit Skating Club has a storied history. The present day Detroit Skating Club has stories to tell as well.

Today, the Detroit Skating Club is host to hundreds of skaters at every level, and the club makes a conscious effort to have the most accomplished skaters mingle with those who are just learning how to stay up on skates. There is a community at the DSC, which is appropriate, because the community created the DSC more than 100 years ago.

Going back to the days before World War I, Detroit has always had an enthusiastic skating community. Cold weather will do that. That community built Olympia Stadium after the war, and the Olympia Skating Club had a home (as did the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, for a period of time).

A Concerning Tweet
on May 20, 2015 that began chatter in the skating world.

@_David_Molina "Strong rumor at highest level: #icedance may no longer be @olympics discipline. It would be such a pity!! Decision on June 5th @ IOC meeting"

On May 21st, at our Annual PSA Conference business meeting, U.S. Figure Skating President Sam Auxier assured members that ice dance will continue to be a part of the Olympics.

We sure hope so! Ice Dancing has such a rich history in our sport it would be a crime to take it away.

Saturday, 30 May 2015
Missing: The Story Behind The Iconic Ice Dances

Wednesday, 27 May 2015
The Pioneers Of Ice Dancing In France
SkateGuard Blog by: Ryan Stevens




An interview with Frank Carroll
Episode #14

An interview with Frank Carroll, world class coach of many fantastic skaters, including Michelle Kwan, Linda Fratianne, Evan Lysacek and Christopher Bowman.

On his most embarrassing skating moment: I was appearing on television when I was in Ice Follies, and it was on a show very similar to Merv Griffin or the Donahue show, except it was from Cleveland and the host was a man who at the time was very famous. It was the 1960s and he had this show on national television. So we came and did a thing from Ice Follies, I was skating in a pair, and…I noticed that people were laughing and kind of smirking. And I remember thinking, oh boy, I must be skating really well, gosh, I’m bringing a smile to their face. And then as I finished the routine, I noticed that the fly on my costume in the front had completely broken open, so basically my underwear and the whole front of me was exposed on national television for about three and a half minutes.

1 hour, 1 minute, 35 seconds

Stacie Kuglin
Area 10 Representative

Area 10 representative Stacie Kuglin liked what she heard as a young girl while performing in her first ice show. A simple announcement set the course for her skating career, as a recent gold figure medalist was lauded over the public address system. Kuglin vividly remembers that event as the moment she discovered her future.

“I was skating in my very first ice show in 1969 in Great Falls, Mont.,” Kuglin said. “As a group lesson skater, I was in awe of all the soloists. Each performance, a beautiful skater named Terri Casey was announced as a new gold figure medalist.”

Despite her youth, Kuglin understood that passing all the figure tests was an important achievement. She learned that goal could only be obtained by hard work and discipline, but it was a goal she was determined to achieve.

“My young skating brain somehow knew that passing all your figure tests was a major accomplishment, and it was something I was going to do,” she said.

Amature Sports Act

CoachesChuckleCoaches Chuckle


The Amateur Sports Act of 1978, sponsored by Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, created the U.S. Olympic Committee, which in turn created governing bodies for all Olympic sports. Only those governing bodies would determine the athletes that would represent the United States in Olympic competitions.

While the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 straightened out issues for sports like hockey, basketball, and volleyball, its effect on figure skating was a bit more meddlesome.

“We didn’t need the Act,” said skating historian Ben Wright, a former President of the USFSA. “Figure skating didn’t support it. We were subject to the International Skating Union and that was enough. We didn’t need a separate body controlling us.”

Kent McDill, PSA Memorable Moment #31, Amateur Sports Act of 1978

Nancy Chacurian-Viveiros
Spring Valley, Nevada

Working on MIF, I went back to basics with a young adult student. Had her doing figure 8s and then adding an outside rocker turn later.

Student: I like doing figures! Do you have a sphincter? Me: Do you mean a scribe????

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Winner of 2015 PSA Rocker Counter Bracket Challenge


Jeremy Abbott and UNCSA Saxophone Ensemble - 'Dear Lord' by John Coltrane Performed at the 2015 U.S. Figure Skating Championship closing exhibition



Riedell, Grassroots to Champions, Champion Cords, Magic Of Style