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 In The Loop Issue #21 Extended Articles



June 1, 2015


Meet Your Area Representatives



Stacie Kuglin
Area 10 Representative
Coaching: 35 Years
Currently coaching in Roseville, Minnesota
Ratings: MM, SF, SFS

Area 10 representative Stacie Kuglin liked what she heard as a young girl while performing in her first ice show. A simple announcement set the course for her skating career, as a recent gold figure medalist was lauded over the public address system. Kuglin vividly remembers that event as the moment she discovered her future.

“I was skating in my very first ice show in 1969 in Great Falls, Mont.,” Kuglin said. “As a group lesson skater, I was in awe of all the soloists. Each performance, a beautiful skater named Terri Casey was announced as a new gold figure medalist.”

Despite her youth, Kuglin understood that passing all the figure tests was an important achievement. She learned that goal could only be obtained by hard work and discipline, but it was a goal she was determined to achieve.

“My young skating brain somehow knew that passing all your figure tests was a major accomplishment, and it was something I was going to do,” she said.

Kuglin continued to skate but never saw Casey again. Regardless, the die had been cast. Casey’s achievement was the spark that illuminated Kuglin’s skating career. Eleven years later, Kuglin reached the pinnacle of the figures tests and passed her gold figures on March 20, 1980.

“I never saw Terri after that ice show, but her achievement was the catalyst for my skating career,” Kuglin said. “Thank you, Terri!”



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