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Issue #19

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Pyramid of Spins

by: Ryan Jahnke

I have found that my students work much harder and stick with a task longer when they are "playing" rather than just "working". Have you ever noticed that? Personally, I love to play and I think most people do too. That's why we as coaches can make it a priority to come up with games and challenges for our skaters.

A favorite creation of mine is the Pyramid of Spins. The idea was inspired by John Wooden's Pyramid of Success where the character qualities on the base of his pyramid support the qualities higher up. I wanted to come up with a fun way to encourage my students to expand their spinning repertoire. We all need our students to be ahead of the curve when the ISU inevitably makes spin levels harder to achieve.

Settlement Statement

Dear Member: As you may know, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) conducted an investigation concerning the provision in PSA’s Code of Ethics that stated: No member shall in any case solicit pupils of another member, directly or indirectly, or through third parties.

Press Release

An association representing electricians and another representing skating teachers have agreed, in two separately settled actions, to eliminate provisions in their bylaws that the Federal Trade Commission charged limit competition among each association’s members.

How Insurance Products Can Protect The Self Employed

by: Francine Larson

As Figure Skating Coaches, we have the privilege of working in an industry we love and are passionate about. Our careers as coaches bring us much joy, we find ourselves fortunate to have this opportunity. However, an area in which our industry is lacking is the absence of an employee benefits package. Many figure skating coaches are self- employed and as a result do not receive employee benefits. What many of us gain in job satisfaction, we lose in the financial security of having an employee benefits package.

The Secret Sauce for Competition Confidence Has Many Ingredients

by: Merry Neitlich, Director of the Coach’s Edge

Audrey Weisiger Continues to Amuse and Amaze Audrey’s light-hearted personality and amazing experiences combine to make her a renowned, unusual and dedicated member of the skating community. She is a two-time Olympic Team coach and a frequent presenter at the PSA Conferences and Canadian Coaches Conferences. In 1999, Audrey was selected as the Coach of the Year for the PSA and USFSA. She has worked with numerous skaters, most notably Michael Weiss and Timothy Goebel.

In 2003 Audrey started the wonderful Grassroots to Champions program (http://grassrootstochampions.com/) to help give serious competitors advanced skill refinement and competition readiness training.





An interview with Rohene Ward
Part 1, Episode #67

An interview with Rohene Ward. What couldn’t he do well? Jumping in both directions! Amazing and unusual spins! Flexibility beyond belief! Choreographing his own programs! Signature moves! And all that talent from a kid with a disadvantaged background who had to take several bus transfers by himself to make it happen. And while he never reached the podium at the US Figure Skating Championships, Rohene Ward became one of the most well-known and beloved crowd favorites American audiences had ever seen. Rohene Ward talks about his first pair of skates, how he learned to jump both ways, the sacrifices by his coach to support him, and overcoming incredible racism.

32 minutes, 26 seconds

Scott Cudmore
Area 7 Representative

Some skaters hang up their boots to pursue a life away from the rink once reaching adulthood. Others, such as Scott Cudmore, find their way back to the ice and discover it’s where they were meant to be all along.

Cudmore last competed at the U.S. championships in 1978, placing third in the novice men’s event, but he remained a competitor until 1984. After he left the ice, he attended Boston University as a physical therapy major.




Dizzy Yet?

Years of spinning may actually condition a figure skaters brain to ignore dizzying signals according to a 2013 study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex.

When you spin rapidly and stop, the fluid in your inner ear continues to move. The tiny hairs keeps communicating this motion, giving you the sensation that you’re still spinning.

Lyssa Cobb
Brentwood, Missouri

Yesterday, I was teaching a four year old boy and decided to play Red Light/Green Light.

I explained that he would skate for green light and stop for red light. His response, "We can skate when it's red light too because my mom drives when there's a red light." Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at .

1983 World Professional Figure Skating Championships (3) Fumio Igarashi, David Santee, Kronn & Hagan, and Dorothy Hamill

Created by Dick Button, The World Professional Figure Skating Championships were held 23 times. This clip features 4 time Japanese Champion Fumio Igarashi, US Hall of Fame inductee David Santee, dancers Kim Krohn and Barry Hagen, and Olympic Champion, Dorothy Hamill.



Riedell, Grassroots to Champions, Champion Cords, Magic Of Style