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Issue #16

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American Ice Theatre - Let’s Dance!

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

Even in a sport where presentation is half of the game, how does a company put on an ice show with almost no jumps?

If it’s American Ice Theatre (AIT), it taps into the true choreographic beauty of figure skating in an outside-the-box show called “Let’s Dance!” that took place in Chicago in May.


Fritz Dietl Award

by: Kent McDill

In the Long Island, N.Y. town of Islip, there lies a 97-acre plot called Hidden Pond Park. Within the park, there lies The Rinx, a 20-year-old ice skating facility that also has swimming pools for summer recreation.

And inside The Rinx, there are two available skating rinks and quality instructional programs a child can participate in to become the best ice skater or hockey player he or she wants to be.

Manleywomen with Ryan Bradley

An interview with Ryan Bradley, Episode # 76

An interview with Ryan Bradley, the 2011 US Figure Skating Champion, 3-time Collegiate Champion, coach, and one of the favorites on the show circuit for his charisma on ice. Ryan talks about how he’s been able to develop that charisma and work with it, how he always wanted to be a “conversational skater,” and the real reason why he decided to compete in the Collegiate Championships.

52 minutes, 08 seconds

John Kauffman
Area 17 Representative

The most memorable event in John Kauffman’s skating career is a recent one, but it spans his experiences over the past year – a year in which he has learned that “it will all work out fine.”

Anne Marie Filosa
Area 12 Representative

As a child, my father taught me to skate at the local outdoor rink. My absolute favorite thing to do was to go public skating with him. I read the library book “Carol Heiss – Olympic Queen” over and over again and dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion. .

T.D. Richards

Figure Skating In Stockholm

T. D. Richardson

More aptly, do you know T. D. Richardson? Born in York, England in 1887, he was a celebrated pair skater, author, and judge.

As a skater, he competed for Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics with his wife, Mildred.

As a judge, he was an ISU world official and judged the 1928 Olympics.

Helen Shields
Point Claire, Quebec

Yesterday, I had a young skater show up after a 2 week holiday. Ten minutes later she was complaining she had lost everything! A little red head came up and whispered… “Tell her it is in development and things come back better.” OMG! It was words out of my own mouth and she was the only one that had listened!!! :-)

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Figure Skating in Stockholm

A unique look back at the foundations of the sport of figure skating, entitled “Figure Skating in Stockholm,” filmed by Movietone. Posted by Janet Tremer on the Facebook page, “Memories of Patch” .


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