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 In The Loop Issue #16 Extended Articles


August 1, 2014

Did You Know?
T.D. Richardson


More aptly, do you know T. D. Richardson? Born in York, England in 1887, he was a celebrated pair skater, author, and judge.

As a skater, he competed for Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics with his wife, Mildred.

As a judge, he was an ISU world official and judged the 1928 Olympics.

His greatest contibution was as an author. For many years he was a skating correspondent for the London Times, and his first book, Modern Figure Skating, introduced the revolutionary concept of the “Theory of the Sixteen Positions” in school figures. He wrote 11 books in all, writing The Art of Figure Skating in 1962. In total, he has been credited with writing over one million words on the art of skating!

After his death in 1971, Cecilia Colledge, world champion and The Skating Club of Boston professional was quoted as saying, "He acted always for what he knew was right. He would not submerge his principles in order to be popular. He would not compromise in order to be elected. He would not curb his independent courage. He served skating."

He was posthumously inducted into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1976.

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