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Issue #14

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Under the Radar

by: Terri Milner Tarquini

The idea of being “under the radar” typically means going undetected or unnoticed. While this can and does happen with some figure skating coaches, operating under the radar also has more of a dual-pronged definition in this sport.


Who wants to be RICH?

by: Paul Paprocki MG, MPD, SM, RFS

Do you know the fundamental principles of finance? Well, if you have a basic understanding of the International Judging System, then you’re in luck! Here is a simple way to apply your knowledge of the IJS to understand finance.

An interview with the legendary Dick Button, Episode # 73, Part 1

What hasn’t he done? He’s practically the father of our sport (if Jackson Haines were Grandfather). The two-time Olympic Gold medalist invented many of the jumps and spins we see today, and he invented figure skating commentary. He’s a skater, producer, commentator, actor, truth-seeker, Hall-of-Famer, stirrer-upper, and figure skating’s biggest fan. This first episode focuses on his new book Push Dick’s Button, a fantastic book that is a really wonderful conversation on skating.

55 minutes, 51 seconds.

Don Corbiell
Area 15 Representative

Don Corbiell began skating in rural Canada, in an area where highly-qualified coaches were scarce. .

Brigitte Carlson Roquet
Area 11 Representative

Brigitte Roquet began skating when she was four and competing when she was five.


I hated the ice. I hated the cold, the smell, everything about it. I only did it for the money.

Belita; upon her retirement from skating in 1956

Lyssa Cobb, Collinsville, Illinois

Tonight, we had our first show practice. I explained to the Tot class that tonight would be different than our usual classes and that they were going to learn a program and skate to music. One of the boys (age 4) excitedly said, "I'm going to switch my feet to 'ice dancing' mode!"

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Holiday On Ice Int'l (U.S.A.) - 1980 - Little Lito

Long-time Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice comedian Little Lito Italiano from Argentina in his classic Charlie Chaplin routine.

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