Olympics on the Internet
By Terri Milner Tarquini

Keeping pace with the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi will be a see-it-now, hear-about-it-now, talk-about-it-now experience where athletes, coaches, officials and fans can Facebook frequently, Instagram instantly, and hashtag to their hearts content.

While NBC will be broadcasting the Winter Olympics traditional television-style, there are an increasing number of innovative non-traditional ways to get caught up and capture the Olympic thrill.

From Facebook and Twitter to hashtags and blogs, fans can be a part of all things Team USA through what will likely be an endless stream of posts, tweets, and entries.


New Normal:Games with balls and sticks
By Kent McDill

Thanks to the economic downturn of 2008, the entire world has changed in one way or another, and that includes the world of competitive ice skating.

But other factors, more social than economic, have created a New Normal among professional skating coaches and the athletes and athletes parents they work with.


Episode #69: Donald Jackson

November 2013

November 2013 An interview with Donald Jackson, four-time Canadian Champion, 1960 Olympic Bronze Medalist, show skater, coach, author of several books, creator of Jackson skates, and member of more than a few halls of fame. He’s most notable in the history books for being the first person to land a triple Lutz in competition and was the subject of a short documentary called King of Blades. He talks about how many times it took him to pass the first figure test, that tremendous triple Lutz, how he worked on quad Salchows, and why it’s his fault that Carmen is so popular for skating music.

1 hour, 27 minutes, 12 seconds.



Scholarship applications are available to PSA members for attendance at PSA education programs. These scholarships are intended for the development of coaching skills. Awards are based on financial need, dedication to coaching, sound character and ethical practices. Qualification Requirements: Applicant must have been a full member in good standing of the PSA for at least one year and hold a Registered or higher rating in any discipline. The award of scholarships is made by the Scholarship Committee of the Professional Skaters Foundation.

Application Deadline: Must be RECEIVED by January 1, 2014. Up to four scholarships will be awarded for the 2014 season and must be used for 2014 programs only.

Contact the PSA office for additional information or an application or visit www.skatepsa.com and click on the
PS Foundation Scholarship link.


Gretchen Cabanban Hamilton, LaGrange, Illinois

Funniest coaching moment of my career.... I have begun my annual meetings with parents and asked the parents of one of my 12 year old students if they would be able to add a pole lesson.... They both looked at me funny and the dad said..."wow, I guess she could try it, I know they can get really cut and strong... I think the park district might have a class but if not Monica's (the mom) friend has three different poles in her basement she workouts on and she can give her a private".... I then realized he completely misunderstood me....oh my! ”.

Have a funny story? Post it on Facebook at “A Coaches Chuckle-For-The –Day”.


Gloria Masterson Leous
Area 5 Representative and ARC Chairperson Currently coaching in Altoona, Penn. Coaching since 1987 Current Ratings/Rankings: MM, SFS, RG, Level III

Gloria Leous has been fortunate to have many long-term relationships with her students, and loves the opportunity to watch her young skaters develop into happy, productive adults. As with most coaches who have taught for any length of time, Leous appreciates the individual personalities of the skaters she has coached. She said she learned a little something from every student.


Sharon Brilliantine
Area 12 Representative
Coaching in Kansas City since 1979 Ratings/Rankings: SFS, RM; Level IV

Rodgers and Hammerstein once told the world, “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City.” As far as figure skating goes, however, that’s not what Sharon Brilliantine found when she arrived there more than three decades ago. After training in a highly competitive environment under Ron Ludington at the Skating Club of Wilmington in Delaware, she had held high expectations for her future in America’s heartland.

Radius of Hollow (RoH)

Blades are a piece of steel and typically average about 0.155" thick between the two edges for free skate blades. Traditional dance blades are 0.10”. When a blade is sharpened, the area between the two edges is ground out with a circular rotating grinding stone that creates the “hollow.” In the skating world, this is known as the radius of hollow (RoH) (not to be confused with the “rocker radius” discussed earlier). There are no less than twenty-two RoH curves to choose from.

The hollow was introduced in 1770 as a “fluted skate”. Fluted is an architectural term that refers to a shallow groove running vertically along a surface. Today, the RoH is also referred to as a groove, a hollow grind, or a ground radius.


Donny Osmond & Comic Skater Freddie Trenkler,

This clip aired in October 1977, showing Donny Osmond performing as Freddie Trenkler’s straight man in the old comedy standard performed thousands of times for Ice Capades. The Donny and Marie show was originally created by producers Sid and Marty Krofft, and aired on ABC from 1976 – 1979. The variety show routinely opened with a skating number choreographed by PSA member Bob Paul, 1960 Olympic pair champion. Mr. Trenkler’s show career began in 1937, continuing until he retired in 1981. During his career he performed in Sonja Henie’s “Hollywood Ice Revue” and Ice Capades. During a televised performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, Trenkler, as part of his act, would swing over the heads of the audience. Unfortunately, he fell from the rope, but luckily he and a spectator suffered only minor injuries.

New York Times Obituary
for Freddie Trenkler


Is there a Hockey Stick in your Future?
By Bob Mock

In the last issue of PS Magazine (Nov/Dec 2013), Jimmie Santee in his editorial (Fighting for a skater, one skater at a time) referred to the incredible growth of women’s ice hockey and its impact on many of the successful figure skating programs in North America.

Mr. Santee’s editorial is right on target in what has become a period of phenomenal growth for hockey at nearly every level. In fact, women’s hockey is merely the tip of a giant ice berg that is affecting the entire ice skating industry!

Over the past decade, USA Hockey and U.S. Figure Skating have worked well in partnership developing a good relationship that has been beneficial to both organizations. With the formation of STAR (Serving the American Rinks), the organizations agreed to work together to promote skating. A very successful example was the Basic Skills Learn to Skate program where U.S. Figure Skating would be responsible to teach all types of skaters.

December 1, 2013
Issue #12


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