After decades of study, years of research, endless days of prodding and cajoling, and the endless stream of motivational words, the field of sports psychology may have finally it figured out.

It’s about enjoying what you do.

Dr.Gloria Balaque
Dr. Gloria Balague is an assistant professor in Psychology at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and has worked for years with the U.S. Olympic Committee. She worked with the 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic teams, and has spoken at countless Sports Psychology seminars and conferences on the topic of using the mind to get the most out of the body.

By Terri Milner Tarquini

Watch out breast cancer… Here comes Uschi Keszler.

There are a couple of things that are immediately evident about former Olympic competitor and current Olympic coach Keszler: First, her whole outlook has been shaped by athletics, figure skating in particular; and, second, she is determined to change the world.


Episode #66: Ricky Harris

June 2013

An interview with Ricky Harris, the first dedicated figure skating choreographer, and author of three books on figure skating and choreography. Ricky Harris skated with the Sonia Henie show, and created a series of successful workshops that are being continued by American Ice Theater with Jodi Porter.

She did choreography for Evan Lysacek, Michelle Kwan, Babilonia/Gardner, Blumberg/Seibert, Scott Hamilton, Linda Fratianne, and so many more. Ricky Harris talks about what it was like being the first choreographer to sit in the Kiss & Cry, how Scott Hamilton wouldn’t initially take direction from her, and how Frank Carroll and Don Laws were some of her biggest supporters.

1 hour, 8 minutes, 37 seconds



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Russ Scott, Anaheim, CA

Sometimes the little ones have tough days too.

Student: "Coach Russ, can we please just learn something easy today, I've had a hard day already and my brain hurts."

Me: "of course we can, why was your day hard?"

Student: "I don't know, it just felt like a hard day"

Me: "well, I'm glad you are here now so we can finish your day on a good note"

Student: "thank you, that's why I like ice skating"

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Stacie Kuglin
Representing Area 3
PSA Area Representative Vice Chair Coaching 33 years
Recently relocated to Minnesota Ratings/Rankings: SFS, SF, MM

Stacie Kuglin grew up in Great Falls, Mont., skating in the only indoor rink in the state, and where the coaching staff changed frequently. Despite the rink’s high turnover, coaches Larry Sperling and Myrna Casey Smith left a lasting impact on Kuglin and her skating.

“Larry Sperling let my skating dreams soar and instilled in me such a love of learning in this wonderful sport,” Kuglin said. Smith was Kuglin’s dance teacher, and coached the young skater through her gold dances. Kuglin said Smith was meticulous and detail-oriented.

“Myrna had a golden touch,” she said. “Under her tutelage, so many of her students – myself included – became gold medalists. ”

Toward the end of her skating career, Kuglin worked with Barb Lytle Drew, whom she credits with helping her earn her gold medal in figures. She said Drew was an amazing technician who made the skater analyze everything she did and why she did it.


Lisa Bardonaro-Reibly Representing Area 9
Area 9 Representative
Coaching for 22 years
Currently in west central Ohio Ratings/Rankings: CFS, CG, MM

As a child, Lisa Bardonaro-Reibly spent four to five hours a day at the Hobart Arena in Troy, Ohio. In fact, she said she grew up at the rink. She was the only figure skater in her school, which earned her a bit of notoriety.

“Growing up at the ice rink made us different from all of our friends at school,” Bardonaro-Reibly said. “It was a ‘good’ different, though.

” She described her coaches in Troy as wonderful, and that they helped her learn to love skating. They also helped her qualify at Regionals every year of her 11-year competitive career, which she capped off at the National Collegiate Championships in Lake Placid.

“Over those years, all of my coaches taught me discipline, determination, organization, perseverance, mental toughness, and time management,” she said.

At the turn of the last century (1900), skates were made with many rocker radiuses. The majority of blades from England had a 7ft rocker and were concaved similar to today’s parabolic blades. The Dowler as it was then called, were thicker on the ends and narrower in the middle. In Europe, the skaters preferred a rocker between 5 and 5 ½ feet and were tapered. The blade was about ¼ of an inch at the weight bearing point, tapering to just 1/8th at the heel.

In America, skate’s that were considered stock were rockered to a radius between 4 and 4 ½ feet, which was described in George Browne’s, “A Handbook of Skating”, as “…alone sufficient explanation of the difficulty popularly associated with figure skating, and for the persistence of the ‘weak ankle’ fiction.” In the book published in 1900 by Barney & Berry, it was suggested that beginners not use a radius sharper than 7 feet. Barney & Berry which at the time was the most notable manufacturer of skates in America made many different skates with radiuses of 5, 6 or 7 feet.

Everett Barney died in May of 1916 and three years later, Barney & Berry was sold to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut. At the pinnacle of its operation Barney & Berry employed 250 workers and manufactured 600,000 pairs of skates annually.


Kitty & Peter Carruthers - 1984 Sarajevo, Pairs' Long Program,

Sarajevo, YUGOSLAVIA - 1984 Winter Games, Figure Skating, Pairs' Long Program - Kitty and Peter Carruthers decided to skate conservatively in order to guarantee themselves a medal. As such, they opted not to attempt the throw quadruple Salchow, since they were only successfully landing it 60% of the time. Their decision paid off as they skated clean, which helped them win the Silver Medal.

Caitlin A. "Kitty" Carruthers (born May 30, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American figure skater. She competed in pairs with her brother Peter Carruthers. They are the 1981-1984 U.S. Figure Skating Champions, the 1982 World bronze medalists, and the 1984 Olympic silver medalists. Following the 1984 Winter Olympics Kitty and Peter starred with "Ice Capades" and "Stars on Ice" for twelve years. The Carrutherses appeared throughout the world in many productions and made for television specials during their 12-year career as professionals. Kitty was married June 16, 1990 to Brett Conrad in Houston, Texas. Today Kitty resides in the Houston area with husband and their four children BJ, Kyle, Kayla and Brooke. Kitty coaches aspiring young figure skaters in the Houston area as well as spending her spare time contributing to many different charitable organizations.

In 1996, they were inducted into the Adoption Hall of Fame. In 1999, they were inducted into the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Kitty & Peter Carruthers - 1984 Sarajevo, Pairs' Long Program


Donna Wells

What do you do at PSA?
I’m the Accountant at PSA.

How long have you worked at PSA?
It was 3 years in April.

How did you become involved with PSA?
I answered a job ad PSA posted in the Rochester Post Bulletin for an Accountant. When I came for the job interview I was very impressed with PSA and what it represented. I had no idea such an organization existed!

Do you have any skating/coaching experience?
Nope, no skating experience! However I raced and taught downhill skiing during my college years.

Do/did you play any sports?
Yes, downhill ski and golf.

What do you enjoy doing while not at work?
Spending time with my family, relaxing on our deck enjoying the view of Lake Pepin, watching a good movie, riding my Harley, skiing and golfing (just to mention a few).

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Moved to the U.S. in 1991- first lived in Lexington, KY, then moved to Minneapolis in 1999, and finally to Lake City in 2010.

Where is your favorite place to go?
I would have to say back to Thunder Bay so I can spend time with my family and friends.



On September 12, Carole Shulman was inducted into the St. Louis Park Athletic Hall of Fame with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions as a competitor and as a skating coach and mentor.

Carole graduated from St. Louis Park High School in Minneapolis in 1958. Carole was an active figure skater during her high school years. After graduation she went on to attend Colorado College for two years, majoring in English Literature and Sociology. While there she participated in figure skating and became a gold medalist in figures and free skating, as well as a gold medalist in pair skating and a pre-gold in dance. After college she began her 25-year career as the head coach for the Rochester FSC followed by 21 years as the Executive Director of the Professional Skaters Association, where she was the editor of the PS Magazine and authored “The Complete Book of Figure Skating”.


October 1, 2013
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