Carole K. Shulman

October 1, 2013

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On September 12, Carole Shulman was inducted into the St. Louis Park Athletic Hall of Fame with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions as a competitor and as a skating coach and mentor.

Carole graduated from St. Louis Park High School in Minneapolis in 1958. Carole was an active figure skater during her high school years. After graduation she went on to attend Colorado College for two years, majoring in English Literature and Sociology. While there she participated in figure skating and became a gold medalist in figures and free skating, as well as a gold medalist in pair skating and a pre-gold in dance.  After college she began her 25-year career as the head coach for the Rochester FSC followed by 21 years as the Executive Director of the Professional Skaters Association, where she was the editor of the PS Magazine and authored “The Complete Book of Figure Skating”.

Today, she is back at the rink doing “Dartfish,” a computer software video analysis of skaters to assist skaters in improving their jump and spin technique.

Carole’s figure skating accomplishments include:

  • 3-time champion in the Minneapolis Skate Meet
  • 9th place Regional Figure Skating Championships ( 9 states)
  • 4th place in the Sectional Figure Skating Championships (21 states)

Carole was active as a student in high school. In her junior year she was a member of the Parkettes dance team, Canteen, Blu Tri, Pep Club, Spanish Club and the Welcome Committee. In her senior year she was active in all of those in her junior except that in addition she served as President of the Spanish Club, all-school vice president of Blue Tri, and on the Activities and Student Life section of the Echowan. Beneath her picture inthe 1958 (Senior Year) Echowan reads: “On the wings of her feet she glides through life.”

In July of 1959 Carole was chosen as Miss St. Louis Park. During her last year at Colorado College, Carole was chosen as Miss Broadmoor. The Broadmoor Skating Club is a major training center for the sport of figure skating based in Colorado Springs.

After two years (1960-1962) as a flight attendant for Braniff Airlines, Carole began her professional skating coaching career, relocating to Rochester, MN from 1962-1984. In 1984 she became the Executive Director of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) where she held the position until 2006. Her leadership was instrumental in bringing the PSA to the forefront of coaches’ education.

Carole’s other achievements include:

  • 1989 PSA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1997 Mayor’s Medal of Honor Award for Cultural and Artistic Achievement
  • 2000 Oversight of design and construction of the PSA Headquarters and the Taylor-Gebler Gallery
  • 2001 Author, The Complete Book of Figure Skating
  • 2001 Inducted into the Rochester Sports Hall of Fame
  • 2002 Named by International Figure Skating Magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in figure skating
  • 2010 Inducted into PSA Coaches Hall of Fame
  • Master rated coach in Figures, Free Skating, Pair Skating, Moves in the Field, Group Instruction, Program Director, and Choreography
  • World Professional Skating Championship Judge