2013-2014 U.S Figure Skating Coach Compliance Outline

U.S. Figure Skating Rule MR 5.11 Coach Compliance In order to be granted access to work within U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities, each coach must complete the following requirements on an annual basis by July 1:

A. Must be a current full member of U.S. Figure Skating - either through a member club or as an individual member;


Relaxation, Rhythm and Timing

By Robert S. Ogilvie

Having watched beginners and reasonably successful skaters learning to jump in towns, cities, and skating centers all over the US and Europe for a horrifying number of years, one major fault of lower level (but very determined) skaters stands out clearly:


Lee Cabell

Scott Cudmore

Representing Area 3
Currently coaching at North Jersey Figure Skating Club
Coaching since 1979
Ratings: MFF

Lee Cabell
This In The Loop interview for Area 3 Representative Lee Cabell traveled many miles before it reached your inbox - real miles, not just cyber-miles. Cabell is on sabbatical in Europe, recharging his batteries through meditation.

This kind of trip is nothing new to Cabell, who has practiced meditation for years as a way to improve his ability to communicate with his skaters.

I went to study meditation so I could be in the present moment for my students, and to practice better communication with all five senses, he said.


Representing Area 7
Skating Director for Polar Ice House in Wake Forest, Cary, and Garner, NC Ratings/Rankings: MFS, Hockey 1 & 2

Scott Cudmore
No matter how many coaches a skater works with throughout their career, there are always some who stand out in the skater's memory, and whom they credit with helping develop their love of skating.

Cudmore started skating at a seasonal rink in Glen Ellyn, Ill., skating in the winter and swimming in the summer. One year, he moved to a larger rink where a red-headed Swiss-German coach, Doris Bodmer, would change the course of his skating.


by Jimmie Santee


The Professional Skaters Association endorses the International Olympic Committee statement regarding participation in sport regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation.

Rochester, MN, 7/31/2013 - In the strongest terms applicable, the Professional Skaters Association supports the following IOC statement:

"The International Olympic Committee is clear that sport is a human right and should be available to all regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. The Games themselves should be open to all, free of discrimination, and that applies to spectators, officials, media, and of course athletes.

Angie Riviello, PSA President agreed with this declaration, I strongly support the IOC statement... We support all athletes' rights to compete free of discrimination. We wish the coaches and athletes the best of luck as they work hard toward their Olympic dreams.

" The IOC statement is in regard to the recent anti-gay bill signed into law by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Professional Skaters Association was organized in 1938. The PSA is the official figure skating coach's education, training and accreditation program for U.S. Figure Skating and the Ice Skating Institute. We are the largest and most recognized of all figure skating coach's organizations in the world.

For more information please contact Jimmie Santee at 507.281.5122


Doug Mattis, Las Vegas, Nevada

Overheard at "An Evening On Ice" this past weekend: "Glacier Falls isn't just the name of the competition. It's also a description."

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Episode #64:
Phil Hersh

July 2013
An interview with Phil Hersh, an award-winning journalist who since 1987 has been the Olympic sports writer for the Chicago Tribune and the Tribune Company. He’s covered the sport of figure skating through 10 Olympics (Sochi 2014 is #10), 28 US Championships, and 16 World Championships.

We spoke about his opinions on some of skating’s most controversial outcomes (Oksana Baiul vs. Nancy Kerrigan in 1994, Michelle Kwan vs. Tara Lipinski in 1998, and Sale/Pelletier vs Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze in 2002), his thoughts on the judging system, his friendly rivalry with Christine Brennan, and his high opinion of Michelle Kwan.

1 hour, 33 minutes, 45 seconds.


Hattersley & Davidson, a substantial and extremely well regarded engineering company was formed in 1894 and subsequently acquired John Wilson’s tool making company. Toolmaker John Wilson established his company in 1696 that is still making skates 317 years later. Wilson, a Sheffield engineer who was famous throughout England, came to the attention of the British royal family, commissioned a pair of blades to be made by Wilson for King William III. Continuing the Royal skating tradition, Queen Victoria was said to have enjoyed many skating outings with her future husband, Prince Albert, requested John Wilson skates for herself and her husband.


John Curry 1976 Innsbruck Olympics Long Program ,

 John Curry was one of the most celebrated skaters in history famous for combining ballet, modern dance into his skating choreography. His gold medal performance is a great example of this style

John Curry
1976 Innsbruck Olympics LP




Carol Rossignol

Jamie Santee

Carol Rossignol

What do you do at PSA?
Responsible for providing coach Education and Accreditation to members and overseeing the PSA Rating System.


Jamie Santee

What do you do at PSA?
I am the Social Media Manager & Endorsement Chair


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