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February 1, 2012

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Tips, hints and reminders to make your coaching future brighter

Big Spring, Energetic Summer, Fantastic Fallmaking it happen starts right now!
You've passed your CER exams, you've planned the fall competition levels for each of your skaters, and you've created the spring and summer periodized training cycles for them. You've even updated your file on each skater with the rulebook & IJS requirements for their new level. What's missing? If you're coaching a skater at a new level for the first time the answer could be.... a lot.

What you don't know can cost you.
An important, often neglected, part of planning is to make sure your plans, the parents expectations, and the skaters determination are all moving in the same direction. What new tools do you need as your skaters advance? Where can you find them? Being aware can help you achieve your goals as well as theirs. Being knowledgeable can help provide solutions. PSA workshops, seminars, webinars & the annual conference are all resources you can access. Yes, there is a charge for them, but not knowing actually costs you more! Just as from now through the fall is a growing time for your skaters, it can be your opportunity to grow too.

Reality Check
Your parents paid a lot for your lessons over the years and they selected who they thought was the best coach for you. What do you think their criteria were for selecting a coach? Perhaps it was because they felt that a particular coach had the knowledge and teaching skills needed to 'get you there.' You're the coach now and the same observation is being made about you! Make sure you have the coaching credentials necessary to back up your "sales pitch."

David DeCaprio
Triple Master Rated Coach & Examiner

Disclaimer: The questions and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs or viewpoints of the Professional Skaters Association or official policies of the PSA.