Keynote Address
Frank Carroll

Salchow On-Ice
Frank Carroll

Frank Being Frank Q&A
Frank Carroll

Solo & Pattern Dance

Kelley and Donald Adair

Coaching the Grassroots
Jackie Brenner

Step Sequences
Scott Brown

USOC App: Lutz Jump Off-Ice

Kathy Casey, Chris Snyder, Heidi Thibert

Jumping Theory
Alex Chang & Jere Michaels

Edge Class for Developing Skating Skills
Don Corbiell & Louis Vachon

IJS: Olympic Updates
Charlie Cyr & Libby Scanlan

Skaters’ Medical Injuries
Eisenhower Medical Group

Legal Issues
Jonathon Geen

Draw Class
Doug Haw

The Role of the Program Director
Thomas Hickey & Jimmie Santee

How to Coach Mental Skills for Skaters

Nicolette House

The Spin Doctor
Evelyn Kramer 
Basic Pair Skating
Doug Ladret 

Tips & Tricks for MIF
Debbie Lane 

Meet Your Area Rep
Gloria Leous

The Hottest & Latest Synchro Topics
Holly Malewski, Becky Stump, Leslie Graham

Synchro: Periodization for a Coach’s Yearly Plan
Holly Malewski, Becky Stump, Leslie Graham

Synchro: Choreography for Teams w/Less than 12 Skaters
Holly Malewski, Becky Stump, Leslie Graham

Using Social Media to Enhance Your Business
Doug Mattis & Jamie Lynn Santee

Intro to the iAIM Program (Ice Arena Institute of Management)
Scott McCoy

Off-Ice Jump Class
Diane Miller

Lori Nichol

The Long Program
John Nicks

Investing in Your Future: Financial Investing
Paul Paprocki

Program Directors
Angie Riviello

Basic Skills
Erin Schopf

Overseeing the Skating School Program
Wendy Smith

USOC Coaching Presentation
Chris Snyder 

Trends Observed from the Survey of Regional Competitors
Kelly Vogtner

Safe Sport
Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin & Heidi Thibert

Ice Show Production
Randy Winship

Group Class Organization & Administration
Barb Yackel

Applying Periodization to Grassroots Skaters
Tom Zakrajsek

Recovery Nutrition & Competition Day Eating
Peter Zapalo

Rescuing the Underperforming Athlete
Peter Zapalo
**More Details to Come