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Area Representatives

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Geographical Location

Area 1 Area 10
Martha Harding - MHardingVT@gmail.com
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts
(MA zip codes beginning with 01)
Stacie Kuglin - staclin@aol.com
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan
(upper peninsula), South Dakota, North Dakota
Area 2 Area 11
Anne Marie Filosa - annemariesk8@verizon.net
Connecticut, Massachusetts
(MA zip codes beginning with 02), Rhode Island
Brigitte Carlson-Roquet - brig811@aol.com
Illinois, Iowa, Missouri
Area 3 Area 12
Lee Cabell - Lee.Cabell.@shu.edu
New Jersey, Metro New York, Long Island
Sharon Brilliantine -skbrilliantine@gmail.com
Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nebraska
Area 4 Area 13
Tim Covington-covingtonskate@yahoo.com
New York (except Metro NY/Long Island), Erie Pennsylvania
Tracey Seliga-O'Brien - tseliga@yahoo.com
Colorado, New Mexico
Area 5 Area 14
Gloria Masterson Leous gloria.leous@gmail.com
Delaware, Pennsylvania (except Erie)
Lisa Mizonick -sk8director@yahoo.com
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska
Area 6 Area 15
Kevin Curtis -skat.erz123@gmail.com
Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
Don Corbiell - dnasfca@aol.com
Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Hawaii
Area 7 Area 16
Liz Egetoe sk8erlizzard@yahoo.com
Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Josselyn Baumgartner -josselyn@gmail.com
Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona
Area 8 Area 17
Melanie Bolhuis - fit4jesus@comcast.net
Michigan (lower peninsula)
John Kauffman -jdkmice@gmail.com   
International (all addresses outside of the United States)
Area 9  

Lisa Bardonaro-Reibley -docl26@woh.rr.com
Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee




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